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You probably are not even human, you are probably Jewish. That is your first problem.


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Nope. But judging by the complete absence of any loose hint of having even read my post, you're definitely one of thousands of managed accounts belonging to some shell entity of the exact organization you jokingly chose to name yourself the Chief Officer of.

There's quite a few tell tale signs of it. To make sure that my comment gets exposure, thereby not burying your comment that was designed to nullify mine anyway, none of the 6 bot or alt accounts that upvoated you as of this posting downvoated my comment. I'd even venture to guess that one or more of your accounts upvoated me.

Or as they say, 'fuck off, shill.'

EDIT: but in case I'm just as mistaken as you are, in case you're not a Deep State sock puppet, just as I'm not Jewish, let's talk about why you didn't actually retort my statement. We're the words too big for you, and you're not good at guessing what they mean based on context, or are you such an asshole that a guy that happens to like some guy's but generally hates the gay community and all the other shit everyone on Voat generally hates still has to be reduced in some way or another?

At any rate, I'm just gonna make sure you understand what I was trying to say earlier, even if I have to reduce it to fucking ebonics. Gay pride parades make me want to support the domestic use if napalm. I believe this country is being run from back rooms by a coalition of our intelligence community, some aspects of our industrial leaders, some foreign parties, the leaders of all the major religions, but especially Judaism, Catholicism, and Islam, the three most cult-like faiths, and of course, the media. This coalition rules the world through control of the US, China and Russia. This coalition aims to propagate war in order to consolidate power. It aims to displace populations with mass migration by any and all means, because diversity divides us all. It aims to disarm us, render any weapons currently in our reach obsolete. More than anything, the elite aim to keep us all in our routines, so they'll know exactly where the dangerous ones are when they decide we've become too dangerous, and so they'll know where the ones they want to fuck are when they're easiest to victimize or kidnap. Civilization is a hunting reservation where the prey is tracked by social media and GPS. Where we voluntarily work to provide their bank with ROI paying their mortgage and with free money by using their bank account. Where if you get close enough to making things better, all you end up with is two shots to the back of the head, bogus charges followed by prison followed by a sharpened toothbrush in the windpipe, or any number of other horrible ways to be snuffed out by mankind's strongest enemy: those among us that we really elect to office. Those who we actually put in power. The invisible hand, the deep state. You can call them all Jews, but all I care about is that the people responsible for this depressing place that calls itself America but in no way resembles the nation I read about in my shitty public school end up being spoken of exclusively in the last tense.

So, am I still a Jew? Or are you still a fucking shill?


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Jews can take a joke, you are clearly a goy.


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No, I am Jewish.


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you're still a fucking kike. didn't read either of your comments.