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It’s pretty amazing how well this campaign is working. Zazzle cancelled my it’s okay to be white stamp with no notice to me at all. Customer service is doing their best to pretend I don’t exist.

Rubber stamps.com seems to be working so far


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Zazzle cancelled my it’s okay to be white stamp with no notice to me at all. Customer service is doing their best to pretend I don’t exist.

That's pretty messed up. Good work on your part though.

Edit: sorry, forgot to the quote


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Get the one that comes with a little box loaded with rubber type, the kind you determine what it says and how it says it.

That's what I did, I just skipped getting an order canceled and prepared for any future campaigns all at the same time. Something like this {which was going to be a link to Amazon but it's a "banned domain"}, or this. Of course I'm not actually suggesting buying that one, just find something similar, wouldn't know where to actually get a cheap one {scratch that Amazon has them way cheaper than the link I could share}, I stole mine from a government office.

Oh and here's what it looks like stamped. Funny having a "stamping party" tomorrow with my real life racyss fam....


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They want to make a point of letting the entire world see just how shitty their service is.


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I've been passing out bills constantly...still waiting for a chimpout in response.

(I live in a 95% white area, so it's not that likely, but I can at least imagine what happens after the bills change hands a few times.)


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This is tacky.


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Then it's ready to stick.


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Wait until it happens AGAIN. I'm NOT a killer, JUST like niggers say, but I am a BETTER killer than they are when it comes down to it. I know a church. Overgrown.....LABOR to produce. Niggers have NOTHING I want. Nigger LOVERS are ALSO turds I DO NOT WANT.

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SHaquil....? WTF? I might have to TRAVEL to eliminate this miscreant.


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What are your Prime Directives?


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1. Serve the public trust
2. Protect the innocent
3. Uphold the law
4. (Classified)

But seriously, that guy writes like he has schizophrenia. I feel bad for him, it must be hard to deal with. I could only imagine.


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What are prime directives? I'm a bear.


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Ok, some people are useless and wastes of everything, but are you talking about murdering people for that reason? Like actual flesh and blood human beings just like me and you? Does that seem a little extreme to you? What do your family and friends think about that kind of talk?

I sincerely hope you're not a killer. Compassion and respect for your fellow man when it isn't deserved, especially when it isn't deserved or even when they're vastly inferior, that is the crux of what gives us humanity. Seeing other people as beings with their own thoughts and feelings and desires and rights and freedoms and autonomy and soul exactly the same as you, that separates us from animals. If we don't, and if we don't hold others to the same standard, then society degenerates into chaos and nothing stops evil people from hurting you or the people you love.


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No. I'm NOT a killer. I'm imagining that scenario. Personally I don't even hunt of fish (or approve of it).

Wouldn't you rather be ABSOLUTELY correct than free?


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OK there, Frankie Federalstein.