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While this is funny, we all know the reason women don't go into tech as much as men is because it's hard, takes gumption and requires a lot of work. Programming and software engineering are jobs that require a lot of dedication and long hours. Many women are not interested in putting in the kind of time needed to be proficient in software and instead flock to more social or service related jobs where they can work with people rather than machines. No one is keeping them out but themselves. I have worked with female programmers who could hack it and succeed but they are the exception not the rule. If women want equality in tech then they better look for equality in doing the hard work to get there. Tech isn't all fun and games so you either work hard for it or you get a different job. Stop whining about a self created issue feminists.

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And those women who can do well in tech jobs aren't the types who weigh 300 lbs, have gaged ears, wear problem glasses, and dye their hair the colors of tropical flavor skittles.

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It's almost like the purple-haired heifers are treating tech jobs as just another fashion accessory. The people who actually get there with merit live, breathe, and dream engineering.

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The problem is feminisits have morphed equality into supremacy. The equality index used to measure countries is done in in such a way that benefiting men is negative, but benefiting women is the same as treating them equally. So if you have a country that hands women everything they want hand over fist, that counts as an "equal" country, and not a female oriented country. Rape and Assault reporting rarely tried women for assault so naturally the numbers look lower than they actually are. Feminists constantly redefine reality to continue their oppression olympics. Same with tech, the reason women hate it is because there needs to be a deliverable at the end of the day, and the metrics used are very obvious (works or doesnt work), as such its very hard to fake your metrics. A lot of jobs women do these days are useless in terms of function, and they do a piss poor job at it (HR, Teaching, Secretaries, Soclail Workers,etc), and because the metrics are subjective and not objective, its very easy to make it look like women are performing according to standards

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This is the kind of stuff that ruin working in IT for me and also my father who has been in it since the 90's. Hes afraid to go work an other tech company because this shit is rampant. We both work for a company that whent from 60% male to 90% female over the 5 years Iv been here. Its nuts and of course our HR was the reason for it. She made a safe haven for unskilled woman and ignore the guys needs in side the company. Now she VP so she gets away with murder. BTW she only been with the company about a year or two more than me and had way less skills in everything compared to me or other people that were more deserving and got a fly by night college degree online from a paper mill. We have to hold her hand through every task. So now I'm looking to switch job field because I don't want to go into another mess like this for the 2nd time.

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Women aren't interested in engineering. Same reason why men aren't interested in caring for the elderly or the sick.

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Why do it yourself, when you can get a man to do it for you?

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Gee, I wonder why women don't get into tech?

Because they're so fragile mentally they can't handle a fucking joke

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It's amazing. At work I have heard and seen women do so many innapropriate actions, using sexist jokes, openly insulting co workers, pretending to grab men. Not a peep from HR. But as soon as a man gets slightly annoyed that a women checked in shitty code, and need to do a rollback, we have to be "sensitive" about people's feelings. So then, women get "promoted" where they do less damage and touch the least amount possible, and in the process, end up managing something they know nothing about. All so we can be "diverse" and "tolerant". The fact that a company will lose millions in errors and waste is apparently no one's concern. Ever since women joined the workforce, we have truly created a super toxic workplace environment. Most men will also say fuck it to promotions over time, and do less work, because no matter how hard you work, some diversity cunt will get promoted to fullfill some quota. So why bother?

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That's wild. Get out while you still can.

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Funny thing is STEM fields tend to be the most merit based industries. Women still have an issue with STEM jobs because they aren't uses to being held to the same expectation to produce or aren't used to being treated equally and interpret it as sexist.

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My experience is that most just want to go into STEM in the first place. The females in my program were all fine. But it takes a lot of work and isn't easy so if you're just looking for something short-term career wise until you get married and start a family then the payoff isn't really there.

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I only ran into one useless woman in engineering. So far all the other ones I've met have been quite competent.

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God among men.

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oh snap epic pownage

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"small doors" hahaha

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Dont call her an elephant. That's hilarious.

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No, we don't need more women in tech. We need more women at home, raising children and maintaining the household.

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