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Fake, but funny.

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Wait.... this is fake?!? Thank God you told us!

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Yep, I know.

I got up this morning and said, "Now, after I have a balanced breakfast, I think I'll go and rescue someone from thinking a joke post might be halfway true when they click into it from the 'new' list and not realize it was from /v/funny. I sure hope somebody doesn't use sarcasm on me, because that's my kryptonite!"

I've been so very much foiled!


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I live in New Mexico and I think this is a good idea. I would, of course, move to America if this happened because I am an American. I am white.

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Yeah, the crime is ridiculous in NM. It's got a lot of qualities that Mexico has tbh.

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Politics match Mexico too. Around 50% of the population is one some kind of government assistance. A large majority of the population is poor and dumb. This is Mexico. This is also New Mexico.

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Step 1 - Deport all burrito aliens from the state

Step 2 - Rename it "East Arizona"

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I own property in NM, and I approve this message.

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I could see why, because you would get to shoot and bury trespassers and hire banditos to keep the peace around your homestead. And there's lots of money to be made on hiking gear when you're south of the border.

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No. It'd probably mean NM would be taken over by Mexico. No big loss, New Mexico is a huge lefty big-government clusterfuck. I'd write off the property. Fuck 'em.

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Some jokes tread a fine line between /pol/ and "Occupy Democrats."

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Almost, almost. haha.

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if this was seriously proposed, it'd make the actual wall proposal look so much more moderate and efficient. it'd be a strong negotiation anchor.

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