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I invented a horseless carriage that is run by exploding dinosaurs.

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Exploding dinosaurs? You mean....Dino-mite? I'm gonna go kill myself now

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I'd be okay if you just showed yourself out the door, walking like a dinosaur.

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That was mitey punny...

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I miss you grandpa.

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Yes, by all means.

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If there are not two perpetually exploding dino-skeletons harnessed to the front of your invention, you're a sham of an artificer.

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Comment of the day

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Actually, it's algae.

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Its both and how do you know that algae back then wouldn't be just as scary to current day algae

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God the stupid burns.

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This is what happens when vapid cunts get out of vapid cunt college and get jobs being vapid cunts.

The moral of the story is, don't fuck vapid cunts and make little baby vapid cunts. Stop!

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They believe all their ideas are original cause college education I believe.

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Furry Rule #1: Don't stick your dick in crazy.

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Nah, probably not. No brains; no headaches.

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Co-working and Co-living spaces seems like the start of a great trend and the possibilities to apply this "Co-" idea seemed limitless. Here a million-dollar idea I just invented:

Co-eating spaces: Remember when you were living with your legal guardians and you would eat dinner with them? Lets capture that feeling of sharing a meal together and apply it to the outside world. We can have dedicated places where you will co-dine with other people of all ages, races, and sexes. With this new and innovative idea, we can really experiment with different options to fit any need. Need only a quick bite? We can have specific co-eating spaces where food is made quickly and cheaply, we can call these places Quick Co-Dining. Vegetarian? We can have co-eating spaces that specialize in peoples special and specific needs, like veganism, or Mexican, or Asian. The possibilities are endless.

Patent pending, no steal pls.

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You and I should team up. I had this great idea that there should be a place where people who are good at cooking spend their day doing that and trade dollars for their delicious food to people who are bad at cooking.

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That's fucking revolutionary! You should call the idea Place to Fill Your Facehole Because You Can't Cook. It's a catchy title.

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You forgot to throw in 'solidarity'. How is your new idea supposed to appeal to the greatest generation ever, otherwise?

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this is what happens when your bullshiting passes classes. Your brain adapts to it.

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But if someone copies something of mine then I can't own people who formerly had to come to me for copies. So it's theft!!11 /s

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Families are so fucking poor that they have room mates. Fantastic! We are looking more and more like a third world nation every day.


[–] Thor_McStuffins 1 points 25 points (+26|-1) ago 

Only if your white. If you are a white middle class family you are now required to live like 30 Mexicans under one roof. But the dindu retard rapeugees get it all for free, and never have to pay taxes. Talk about winning the lottery.

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It's very unsustainable. It should be interesting to watch sweden over this winter. Lots of niggers that have never been cold before. I'm Canadian, and I love listening to the imports whine about the cold. They scurry down to the States first chance they get.

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So incredibly true. If things go alright, I can finally move out of my parents house in a year or so... but only after years of being frugal... in a situation thats already low on expenses!!

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Not roommates, housemates. They're sharing things like living rooms and kitchens.

I see absolutely nothing wrong with that in high demand areas like city centers. Doing it that way means that more people can afford to live there than could otherwise. I guess you could make a rule saying every family housing unit must not have common areas, but that's just raising the price of living and screwing people out of accommodation they could otherwise afford.

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In America, roommate is synonymous with housemate, the latter being a term that is virtually never used.

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Fuck off, commie.

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You had me until the last word. What's actually causing the problem is regulatory capture by rent seeking multinational corporations who don't pay taxes and receive massive subsidies.

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>no kids

>live in a "village"

We'd normally have a family, as human beings, not live in a cult. Commie whore.

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we gotta ban parents though bro https://splinternews.com/ban-parents-1819292560

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That guy straight up proposed we turn our civilization into 'A Brave New World'.

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So Lebensborn ? As always communist faggots aping from the master race.

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Jack Parsons was a communist cultist and he formed your space agency.

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Only because top SS scientists were willing to help

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What a piece of shit, despite that he might have done one or two good things (and where NASA falls is highly debatable).

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Another innovation from the generation that can't afford to buy their own house, sounds like.

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Just what I was thinking from the new house I just bought.

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Maybe in a few years they'll invent "persuing careers" and "savings" for millennials so they can start experimenting with that concept.

[–] weezkitty 5 points 3 points (+8|-5) ago 

For the most part, this isn't their fault. The boomers set them (us) to fail

[–] NoTrueScotsman 0 points 5 points (+5|-0) ago 

There are a lot of factors that work against you, true. At least this administration is working on some of economic side, but the social climate is a huge problem.

People prioritize short term comfort over long term achievement and lack the strong sense of personal responsibility necessary to overcome the hurdles in their path. They compound their problems by staying in non/low skilled jobs and spend recklessly because it's easy, then look to outside influences like the government to fix things for them without realizing what they're asking. Sure, they were raised that way, but it's an adult's job to question their premises and get their shit together after a certain point.

[–] Robobob 1 points 4 points (+5|-1) ago 

Wrong, my kids turned out just fine. Productive members on society with job homes and their own kids..

[–] unclejimbo 1 points -1 points (+0|-1) ago 

Yes it is. I have lazy boomer parents on disability leeching off of my taxes, and still managed to buy a house, on my own. Sure, it's a bit of a fixer-upper but I am doing as much as I can on my own like men have for 6000 years. It's a willpower thing, and millenials are lacking, roughly speaking.

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Said every generation ever about the generation that came before them. Toughen up Nancy.

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Want to not have a best-friend? Invite your best-friend to be your roommate for a couple of months.

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My best friend is my room mate and we get along fine. We are both incredibly anti-social.

We had a new room mate and they were trying to be inclusive and friendly, doing nice things and my room mate and I were highly suspicious of them.

Why so friendly? We would ask with raised eyebrows in the hall.

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similar situation. roomed on and off with my best friend over the past few years, whenever we happen to live in the same city (we both move around a lot), for months at a time. never had an issue.as long as you have compatible attitudes and value the same things (cleanliness or lack thereof, smoking, etc) then there's no reason you can't live with that person

of course, if you know you like to have things tidy and organized and your BFF loves to leave his shit lying around everywhere and only does dishes once a week, you're basically throwing a brick on the accelerator of your friendship and pointing that ride towards the nearest wall

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She never watched "Golden Girls".

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Dammit, now I have the theme song stuck in my head.

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That song gets in there good and deep too.

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Or Three's Company.

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