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I can say "ask" just fine - I'm Irish. But of course, do enlighten me on how I and every other Irishman can't say the word "ask".

Niggers in the west can't say it, niggers in the north can't either. Maybe you're talking about suburbanite niggers - there you'll be able to find some niggers who can say it.

Funny how them cracker country boys can say it too. They can also conjugate verbs - which is something a lot of niggers can't do.

Fucking baboon. Don't be calling me a fucking cracker.

BONUS: Niggers working out a math problem...

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All I heard was "Sheeeeeit nigguh, where be dat chiggun n whyte wimmins at, yo? Dayum foo' I's be hungray. Gotdam dis some fine malt likka, pass da spliff yo. Ayo hol up nigguh, I axed yew a qwesshin!"

Didn't hear anything about being able to say the word "ask". I also doubt Thomas Sowell is a time traveler either.