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Because Cracker culture of South Britain, Ireland, and Scotland who settled in the American South. Blacks who absorb the culture of Yankees do fine with language.


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den let me ax ya dis, why da niggers dat growed up in america be talkin like dis. dey brains is not able ta do da white sheeeit. dats why dat comma cored was tried in dem skools.


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sheeeitt all dem chillenz be all woohoo and sheeeit


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"Mask" becomes "Maks". "Basketball" becomes "baksetball" Really. Niggers' speech is likely the way it is because groups tend to seek levels of performance that most of them can attain. IOW, water seeks its own level. Since the 1960's, in this country, we've been paying nigs to pop lots of nogs, and we find that the less intelligent (of an already remarkably unintelligent) race breed much a US nigger today is likely to be even dumber than his ancestors of 50 years ago.


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I can say "ask" just fine - I'm Irish. But of course, do enlighten me on how I and every other Irishman can't say the word "ask".

Niggers in the west can't say it, niggers in the north can't either. Maybe you're talking about suburbanite niggers - there you'll be able to find some niggers who can say it.

Funny how them cracker country boys can say it too. They can also conjugate verbs - which is something a lot of niggers can't do.

Fucking baboon. Don't be calling me a fucking cracker.

BONUS: Niggers working out a math problem...

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South Britain? Are you talking about England, Wales, specifically southern England? Are Yorkshire and Northumbria an exception?


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