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Don't fucking leave a trail of evidence lading to you, digital or otherwise.

Anon made an opsec thread other night where he warned people about posting, dispensing any material with iotbw on it. He said, if you're going to distribute this stuff, make sure it's handmade or printed out in a local host. Don't buy them on the Internet, don't' have shit mailed to you other than paper or something that you apply iotbw to.

I know how I'm coming off here, but you guys really need to prioritize your own safety here if you're going to do something that will entice retarded normies into a rage. Don't mean to concern troll here, but anon had a fantastic point with this. Stay away from the honey pot.


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Actually, you don't seem like a concern troll at all- extremely valid point that I hadn't considered.

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You don't understand how suing works, all you're going to do is contribute to a Jew retiring early.


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With all these reasonable yet contradicting points, who am I to believe?!

(whatever the fuck I want to believe, obviously. but I see the merit in both: keeping a low profile vs saying "fuck it this is America")


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You can't sue a company for doing anything with your info in the United States, unless they specifically promise you in an agreement that they wont, which obviously won't be the case in this scenario. I'm pretty sure Germany is the only country with strong enough privacy laws that you could ever win in court with a case like that. Even if you were to somehow win a case like that in the US, you would have to prove that the release of your info damaged you monetarily in some way, through loss of income or pain and suffering. There is no court in America or Europe (and certainly not any other continent for that matter) that is going to award you a sizable enough judgement that you could retire on it for having your information released regarding you writing "Its OK to be white" on stuff.


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And to think that Google started scanning their cloud Docs for wrongthink right after this happened... what a coincidence.


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Reminds me of Anon on halloween showing his face on /pol/ after going black face with fake lips, eyes, and a body suit.

Never, never leave evidence or post things to hurt yourself. Years later it'll bite ya