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Anyone who peacocks their shit and tries to draw a line between them and everyone else will always get bullied. The teacher's making a fair point: Stop being a jackass about your sexuality and act like most people act in class. I knew some cool gays at school that kept a low profile about it and even though we all knew about it they were fairly popular among the students. Just normal dudes mostly.

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I'm the same way with libertarians.

I'm a libertarian. But the way the party is it's a joke. Every libertarian function looks like a Reddit meetup.


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Had a kid move from a different city in grade 11. He was quiet and made some friends with a small group. Then in grade 12 he came out as gay and started acting gay. He then blamed everyone for not accepting him because he was gay and that the rest of the grade 12s hated him because of gay.

No one knew in grade 11 and no one cared when he first came out. When he started blaming and accusing everyone we all began hating him and helped ruin his life. Looking back it is kinda sad but when someone shits on the masses for no reason (especially teenagers) mob mentality often sets in.


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yeah the ones I knew were like that too... there's some cool ones and the ones that maybe just do it for attention... if the percentage of gays increases that's just attention at this point...


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I would be considered "far right" by conventional standards, even though I never gave a fuck politically until 2014; most of my life I just couldn't care because I saw corruption everywhere and thought resistance was useless, but that's offtopic. Even though there are a number of people on my "far right" side who would unironically call for the elimination of faggots entirely, I don't have a problem with them if they shut the fuck up about it.

It is literally abnormal behavior, and attempts at normalization of said behavior is unhealthy for society. That shit is not okay. My problem with pride parades is not that you like to fuck other guys; it's that you are being intentionally flamboyant and offensive, shoving your abnormality in everyone's faces, and demanding that we accept your aberration of sexual preference as a cultural norm when it is quite obviously, both culturally and biologically, the OPPOSITE of that, in every fucking human society on the planet.

Do you see people waltzing around screaming at others about "how straight" they are? No. Sometimes you might see a guy trotting around flexing trying to show off how macho he is, and one might think he's overcompensating for something, but regular people don't try to force others to accept their more eccentric qualities, especially if such qualities are within the realm of destructive irregularities like a sexual preference that would directly cause the species to go extinct. You were born gay? Fine. Act like everyone fucking else does.


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Gay pride parades just draw a line and the "you can't be on this side" mentality is fucked up propaganda and hurts gay integrity. but man you should have the torch for best sensible rant of the week... consult the Herd and find out who's holding it... lol


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Idk man. If it's up to me I would put gays should be put into mental asylum. Or concentration camps. Or gas chambers.

Just doing God's work. Sieg heil.