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"I want to fuck someone else, but then he said he wants to fuck someone else - am I a victim of misogyny? Was I raped?"


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its funny, because knowing what i know NOW vs a few years ago i understand whats actually going on. shes not asking for relationship advice, or emotional support, shes saying:

"during my most recent shittest, my boyfriend threw it back in my face, then my manipulation tactics failed spectacularly. im not sure how to regain the upperhand and control in the relationship"


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excellent translation


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"Show dominance by letting him fuck your friend and then join in"

Now thats some advice.


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Or she is just shooting the shit, and considers talking about celebrities to be a non-issue because it's a fantasy only. Everyone fantasizes about others on occasion, talking about celebrity fantasies is safe for some because it's considered to be completely off the table of reality, and for others it still counts as a breech of trust. Personal Miliage will vary.

However, responding with a friend of theirs not only is an obtainable goal, but it's one that fucks with their head and other personal relationships. Totally a "power" move but also a hamfisted dick move.

If a chick is a latter climber or a hoe you shouldn't be with her anyways. Red pill tricks work great for keeping a broken woman in line but they are also just a lot of work and projection just to keep something inherently broken.

There are some worthwhile women left out there. Find them and form a team. And for god's sakes raise your damn daughters to be ladies and not the gutter trash I have to pan through daily on dating sites and apps looking for a gem.


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"should I fake an apology?"


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Works like a charm

Girls are dumb.


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