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Fuck being late to work. Be the best that you can be goats, when you go to work you need to be the best employee and an employee that your boss can always count on. Fuck this degeneracy.

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Yeah, you have to actually be better at your job than the $8/hour immigrants in the Home Depot parking lot. Otherwise, you're just an entitled piece of shit who speaks English good.

Edit: Almost 30% of the people we hire and train don't return after their first week. I'm sure they found a better deal somewhere... Staying at home unemployed and suckin on the gibs.

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As long as your employer treats his employees properly, work your asses off. Hell, even if he doesn't, work your ass off so he's pissed when you leave.

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When I was like 18 I had a job I was always late for and I never got in trouble about it. I remember waking up two hours late for work one Sunday morning when the owner had to come in to open as he was the only one with keys for the store and acsess to the codes that week. I was almost certain I was going to get fired but he never actually said anything to me. I remember biking over the Burnside Bridge with my shirt half unbuttoned because I was running out of the door hair all akimbo. It was perfect weather that day the type of summer day That I can remember all these years later

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Thanks for that grandpa.

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How did you know it was me?

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Looks like I need to change my name to Friday....

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It was named after Antebellum holiday when the slave owner would "marry" his pregnant slaves to the plantation. Weddings Day.