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At least he had the balls to try. I mean shit, can you imagine that? He lost an arm. Did he sit around and mope about it? Nah, that little dude found his drive and went for it. Doesn't matter if he lost, he's six for fuck's sake. What matters is what he does next. Maybe he puts up the clubs and never tried again, fine, but why do that? I hope he figures out how to get that perfect one armed swing. I hope he hones his skill and that way, when he wins, it won't be because he has a handicap, it'll be because he earned it. Someone out there wants to hand this kid a trophy just for participating, but fuck that. Tell him to learn from the loss and grow.

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Nah, that little dude found his drive and went for it.

No, he found his driver.

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Go back to reddit with that punny bullshit

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Maybe he will be the first to have a custom made piston controlled golf arm

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It's just really odd to mention the lose instead of the score to show how close it was. Of course he lost, they are pros. A grown man with both arms, who's been golfing for 20 years would have lost... But how well did that one armed kid do? That's the meat of the story. Did he make that course his bitch? Did he balls deep 18 holes? How's his short game vs long game? Or did he just spend the day on the first hole never getting to the green...

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Sounds like some kind of mr bean dark humor bit, stuck behind a one armed kid on the golf course ever shot goes flying off in a random direction and mr bean can't play through because there's a small crowd following him and cheering after every swing

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Exactly. A participation trophy or some meaningless exhibition round where they let him win would have taught him nothing. Now he has something to strive toward.

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What's his handicap?

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He can't golf clap.

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I bet he could take the LPGA

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He could take the LPGA with one hand tied behind his back.

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Lost by how much?

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Next story, one legged man looses ass kicking contest.

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playing golf is a handicap in and of itself

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v/funny finally made me laugh. That's awfully funny

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