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Bio Diesel

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Low Octane

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Looks more like Vanilla Ice's brother, Vanilla Kool-aid.

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Looks like a penis head with down syndrome.

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Disabled? More like retarded.

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He is balding so the shaved head is a give away - so for starters your gene's blow, and that soul patch is pretty much 1990 and the equivalent of the facial fanny pack ,and the lonely look of discontent- is because- this twat, well, he still lives at home, how do I know this? The last time his parents re-did their house they put that stacked stone faux shit on the wall- that was the early 2000 - you think that this guy would think hey the stacked stone is an investment by the mantle? No freaking way- he is obviously the spawn of two siblings that had children. Just my 2 cents.