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So climate change has caused a hurricane, occurring in the hurricane belt, during hurricane season. Seriously?


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I can't think of any weather event that wasn't caused by capitalism. Can you? If you can then you're probably working for big oil.


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I was on an expedition to the Antarctic circle, many years ago, when a terrible blizzard enshrouded my ship, necessitating that we all bunker down below decks, in what ever rags and fabric we could get. We cut blankets from the sails, and prayed for a rescue. Rescue never came though. Our food supply dwindled, and soon, we were boiling our boots for the shoe leather.

That wasn't enough though. Have you ever known hunger? True hunger, I mean?

Rickles was the first to die. His sacrifice was not in vain though, Gods, no. And after that, it got easier, every time.

By the time I was the only one left, the ship ran aground upon an island of impossible geometrical proportions. As I wandered the island, I found.. a statue. I was overcome with fatigue, and passed out.

I awoke in my bed, back in the US of A, my matted and unkempt beard full of dried blood and meat. I had made a pact on that island, and I knew that I would have to fulfill my end of the arrangement, otherwise, I would have died a cold death upon that nameless and unknown island.

I am certain that blizzard and the resulting doldrums were the cause of whatever malevolent and inhuman entities that manifested upon that island.


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If only the people owned the means of production, then wind speeds would never exceed 25mph


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When the tsunami hit Japan, they Blamed Bush for global warming. Being so ignorant that they have no idea tsunamis are created by underwater earthquakes... Fucking retarded niggers, man...


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Going by that logic, we should say that "Climate Change" has actually minimized hurricane damage for the last decade by making far fewer hurricanes survive out of the Canary Islands and make their way to the US mainland.


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jews lie. He's a proven liar and a communist supporter. He's filth.

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IKR? I live in Canada, and perhaps it's made the winters more comfortable. Oh the humanity!