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Have you heard that they tried making an all muslim TV series? Shame the pilot bombed.

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Oh Ted, you crack me up.

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Wonder how that would work for a woman to go in their store. Maybe we should call a flash the store and fill it with women and men wearing summer clothing...that would be a sight to see.

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I'd hire obviously left-wing actors to dress up all rude and crude showing nothing but leather straps with the required chains and cables all decked out with sex toys. Alonge with the $500 union contract, tell them there is Cocaine at the end of the tunnel, but only if they are blind folded with loud repetitive urban jungle noise on souped up head phones.

Survivors will be well compensated, I'm sure.

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Oh thats good. I was thinking also of filling the store with women wearing summer clothes, then when they are kicked out turn around and sue the fuck out of them for discrimination. Use our laws against them as they use our laws against us. But I would love seeing your reaction...all muzz businesses should recieve a western flash mob with a suit shortly after.

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I wish Ted would follow the lead of Kid Rock and run for office.

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The Muslim book store certainly will not have Craig Winn's book Prophet Of Doom.

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Old meme is old.

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Like Medieval old, eh? I hear ya.

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