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Rampant voter fraud everywhere, it's ridiculous.

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It is rampant, and it's always in Democrat counties where it's happening. People belong in prison over this, and I don't just mean the underlings who follow orders. Trump is trying his best to restore the rights of every US citizen by stopping this fraudulent manufacturing of votes. Remember, when Democrats fraudulently manufacture illegal votes, they're diluting your vote.

Guess who is fighting to stop our President's noble efforts? Democrats. They refuse to make the voting system transparent, even though that's required for a democracy to function. They refuse because their election-rigging will be exposed if they comply.

The Democratic Party as it stands today is not a friend to any American citizen. Their party cannot ever be redeemed when their platform has clearly been to stand against the democratic process. People must commit now to never vote for another Democrat ever again, locally or federally. Their party must be allowed to fail so that our country does not.

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I dispute that democracies can be functional, but the current situation is a particularly ridiculous free for all.

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Funny because it's true.

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The Democratic Party as a whole needs to be investigated for subverting our constitutional republic. The pattern is there clear as day and should be enough for a wide-scope special investigation to take place.

Lets see some transparency in the DNC; let the public see what they're really doing.

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Love it

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nice image

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vote early, vote often