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Mentally Challenged Cross Dresser Gets Rekt

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For anyone wondering 41% of Trans people, or 45% of them aged 18-44 attempt suicide, they dont actually do it.

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Trannies are predisposed to extreme attention seeking behavior?

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Yeah, it doesn't quite figure, does it?

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I expect the counter would be the assertion that the lack of societal acceptance fuels these numbers.

Not making any statement on how things "should" be, BTW.

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Is that because they don't have the balls?

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well that changes everything... i only liked it for the population control aspect

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RIP their stupid reddit account. At least they used it right

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Chris chan has really let himself go.

Herself, sorry.

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It annoys me that the trannies hardly ever cut their dicks off.. and you still want to be "she" atleast cut your dick off, you're not dedicated you're a half assing faggot. Don't be a bitch.

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Or they could recognize the fact that they're mentally ill and seek professional help instead of voluntarily mutilating their own genitals (as if that'd ever happen). But yeah I see where you're coming from.

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Technically it never gets cut "off". It gets filleted and manipulated to look like a grotesque vagina. I really wish I didn't know this, but thanks to voat, I do.

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Pretty much why I quit talking shit about them, they self destruct.

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I could not have said it better, if I shit talk any of my friends, they wouldnt be able to take a second of what I dished out compared to make taking their crap for months, some people just cant take a joke, leave them be.

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I thought I was bad.

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Walked right into that punchline

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