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fire would cure them


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https://archive.is/LihTT | :

Photographer Explores The Beautiful Diversity Of Redheads Of Color

'French-born, London-based photographer Michelle Marshall is documenting the stunningly diverse manifestations of the MC1R gene, particularly in people of color. ', "White skin and red hair may constitute the stereotypical image of a redhead, but it's by no means a comprehensive one."

'"For me, growing up tall, mixed-raced, with thick, frizzy ginger hair, in a predominantly white, working-class seaside town was not the ticket. '

'Red hair is usually the result of a mutation in a gene called MC1R, also known as a melanocortin 1 receptor. ', "Model Natasha Culzac, who covered Marshall's project in Vice and posed for the photograph above, shared her personal experience growing up with red hair and dark skin."

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It's huffpost sorry I don't know how to not link to shitty places and show u fags what it is