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This is a totally unrelated link to an archive thread on 4ch, it's about Julian Assange's alleged dead man's switch. Check it out, goats.

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I don't usually upgoat unrelated comments, but when I do, it's because they have the distinct stench of world-altering truth to them.

And on a serious note, everyone who knows how to investigate blockchains and can vet these hashes needs to get in on this.

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I'm too dumb to understand this shit.

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Forward, Christian Soldiers! Go and die for Israel!

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Psh, we don't need to die for Israel when we can DIE FOR ROME! DEUS VAULT!

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Implying Rome hasn't been fully converged at least since Vatican 2

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My thoughts exactly.

I detest islam, but why isnt Israeli forces being ground grunts? They have a nation of soldiers

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Oy vey, hunt this goy down!

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Trump is the ultimate wingman

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Technically, even if the Koran does promise "72 virgins", it never specifies the kind of virgins (could be a bunch of virgin animals, could be some virgin grapes, or could even be 72 other virgin Muslim boys) or that they would listen to all of your demands (72 virgins waiting with him for eternity, and he still manages to somehow sleep in the doghouse every single night).

So even in their fictional afterlife, they aren't even guaranteed to get laid.

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Pretty sure they'd still be ok with virgin goats or boys. For not liking gays, muzzies sure do love to fuck other guys.

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It's like SJWs and racism/sexism/homophobia: they're actually very excited about using that kind of behavior in private, but like a giant group of cucks, they are terrified of others negatively judging them for their beliefs, so they instead try to project their feelings and beliefs onto those around them (using virtue-signaling with SJWs or violent threats with Muslims).

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They also like female on female orgies a whole lot, the same with their predilection for gangbang-rapes, especially of drunk women who don't know what they're doing.

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http://twitchy.com/brettt-3136/2016/05/23/cnns-why-they-hate-us-examines-the-qurans-promise-of-72-raisins/ ( http://archive.is/XxqMa )

I remember hearing this on the radio from Fareed's special "Why they hate us" and a scholar says the translation is wrong

There was some minor breaking news on CNN Monday night: Fareed Zakaria is still on the air at CNN. Along with that revelation were many others made as part of Zakaria’s prime-time special, “Why They Hate Us.”

It remains to be seen how many viewers were roped in by the sensational title, but Zakaria championed a moderate interpretation of Islam while arguing that Islamist terrorists are motivated by a hatred of all things modern, not simply America and the West.

To that end, Zakaria cited Canadian author and academic Irshad Manji, who argued that martyrs are working from a drastic misinterpretation of the Quran.

What’s the surprise? Manji maintains that “virgins” is a mistranslation of the word for “raisins,” meaning that the faithful are promised a date with dried grapes in the afterlife.

http://archive.is/b8GVS - http://www.nytimes.com/2004/08/04/opinion/martyrs-virgins-and-grapes.html

The world has a huge stake in seeing the Islamic world get on its feet again. The obstacle is not the Koran or Islam, but fundamentalism, and I hope that this scholarship is a sign of an incipient Islamic Reformation -- and that future terrorist recruits will be promised not 72 black-eyed virgins, but just a plateful of grapes.

not 72 black-eyed virgins

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Yeah, that theory is hilarious. There is a definite context involving fucking them whenever they want, regenerating virginity (sorry.. Regenerating raisinity?), ample breasts, etc.

Frankly, interpreting it as raises is even more disturbing.

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Dude it specifies that they have nice tits and regenerating vaginas. Learn your Koran, it's goddamned hilarious when it's not terrifying.

For instance, every male in Paradise will have an everlasting stiffy according to the canonical hadith. The erection is eternal.

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What, we already have Viagra and Plastic surgery!

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Every male has an everlasting stiffy

Ah, so they all have such high blood pressure that every single ounce within their bodies is desperately spreading out to any available space, and that high blood pressure is being artificially sustained past your natural reset limits.

Pro-tip: if you ever want to test out the "rocketing off due to huge nosebleed" myth from anime, use these poor bastards as your test subjects, because they're basically "overfilled blood balloons" at this point.

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If the US could bring sexual liberation to some countries, instead of of trying to force Democracy, that might be very helpful.

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Bring degeneracy to the rest of the world

Good thinking, Moishe

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When 'dancing boys' become a 'straight' option to women in some countries, you might want to rethink that opinion.

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Yes but the US is not really sexually liberated so wtf are you smoking? Too much time in NV?

I mean we don't even have nudie OJ commercials or nude beaches here. We only have a few stragglers, usually labeled deviant or mentally insane, who dare to strut in public nude..

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Darn good point. Since the 70's are well over we are not sexually liberated as a country and really have not been historically. But compared to some countries we are pretty open about sex.

I am talking about how some countries/governments in the Middle East put women in Burkas, or the tradition of dressing up young men like women, 'dancing boys'. If at least some the guys you see being angry with AK's in parades had a chance to get meet a woman they might not be so angry.

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The muds that believe in the 72 Virgin heaven: Give 'em a shot each with one whore and one virgin and see which one gives it up..

Then we can ask later to see if they still want/need the inexperienced virgins that have to wait in a queue of 72 to get their nasty ass turn.

Ewww what woman would want to go to this sort of heaven anyhow AND die a virgin?

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no nukes k thnx plz

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We can nuke africa and the middle east no problem. They're already shit hole desserts. Best to irradiate them so no one can live there anymore anyway.

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No because we want the remains to return there and not live among us.

Also I say we nuke India and Pakistan simultaneously. Twin MOABS, send them a nice tight message to get their IRS spies the fuck out of US now or else.

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Or we could eradicate the people who live there, and turn them into decent places for actual humans.