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If more than half the population were gay (not possible just a thought exercise I know) they would be refusing service to straight people at all manners of venues.

Out of ~20 gay people I've known well in my life, only one has been a decent human being. Even then, absolute pansy to the point of hilarity. Smart fatherfucker though.

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A lot of gay people are nice but holy shit they are some rapy fuckers

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Nice rapy people? Now I am assuming that you are a pretty guy and gay guys kept buying you drinks and trying to get in your pants. Did you have sex with them or are you just cock tease?

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He made a tape of himself calling Florida-based bakery “Cut the Cake” and asking them to make a cake decorated with the words, “We do not support gay marriage.” As Feuerstein expected, the bakery – which calls itself LGBT-friendly and advertises same-sex “wedding” services in gay publications – refused and hung up the phone.


"The saga began in 2014 when the bakery said it was not willing to ice a cake with the words “support gay marriage”..."


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Haha godamnit, not shocked at all. Fuck this gay earth, literally.

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Wow! It's almost as if when ordering a wedding cake, it has to actually be a wedding cake.

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I know ~20 gay people, and only one has been a total piece of shit.

Small sample sizes. What I'm guessing is gay people and straight people have the same amount of decent-to-asshat ratio

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Unfortunately not. If you want to look at social outcomes at a larger sample size check out the Regenerus Parenting study, pretty sure that had a sample size in the low thousands.

Measured a variety of outcomes (sexual activity, drug use, employment, etc) in children from different family units, pretty appalling stuff when you see it laid out.

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I see what you did there...lolz

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Hey, if you only want to bake wedding cakes for teh ghey, feel free.

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Yeah, the whopping 4% of the population, if that.

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Putting your cock in shit is the sign of a sick mind.

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that's why your wash it out first

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yes there are much better places on a woman than her asshole

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There shouldn't be shit there if you're having sex

Unless that's your thing ;)

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A female friend of mine stopped in a gay bar to buy cigs since it was on the way. They refused her service since she was not a gay man.

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Gays are assholes.

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My local gay club openly refuses entry to straight people a lot of the time. Don't really blame them either, there's only so much room, and a bunch of the straight people who go there do it to cause trouble or because they're exhibitionist about it.

Bottom line, freedom of association should extend to business relations. Just because you want to cater to a specific clientele doesn't make you an asshole.

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Bottom line, freedom of association should extend to business relations. Just because you want to cater to a specific clientele doesn't make you an asshole.

This, this, THIS. Freedom of Association shouldn't even stop at business and it should extend to schools, communities, neighborhoods, clubs, anything and everything. People need clear boundaries so they can build up organic relationships with those around them and when they have a sense of identity then they can communicate with other communities if need be.

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Umm. Yes they are. There are ass holes in any group and gays are not an exception. And arguably every SJW is a massive asshole

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Gay people are morally devoid and are usually absolute fuckheads if you aren't completely on board with their mindset.

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All of my best posts occur when I'm drunk

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