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Our kids are being taught these people are "normal"

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distort facts

Is the title of its youtube video "I had sex with a dog"? Or is that shopped?

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Real title.

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Thanks for taking this bullet. Glad I don't have to give it views and suffer through watching it's filth

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I use & recommend the Brave Browser for this kind of bullshit. To safely view liberal regressive videos & this kind of shit without being logged in. As the browser doesn't have Google Widevine DRM enabled by default and blocks a lot of ads and scripts by default.

I accidentally clicked one of the above links to open in my normal and was pissed with that things videos going into my Youtube accounts' analytics now.

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How wasted does one have to be to get face fucked by a dog, to any legitimate extent? Either attention whoring or just living the "LGBTQ" hedonistic lifestyle to the point that is the stereotype? Gays party harder than anyone I know, and have all the top quality drugs on tap. It is, in my opinion, a lifestyle of hedonism and excess.

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"I woke up sucking off a dog"……………said no one ever.

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So its just attention seeking bullshit. I appreciate shock value in humor, but its pathetic in this instance. I'm sure its all dads fault for withholding all those hugs.

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Holy shit, the degeneracy!

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Lets be honest, we can safely blame straight women for getting fat. If the average straight woman looked half as good as he did in the dog fucking video, she wouldn't be getting so many guys to fuck him.

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Yea.. dammit

Edit: I watched a video and retract my previous statement. It is definitely a man with an annoying voice, bad botox, and odd posture (because of the added body parts).

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Ah, of course, better to fuck an insane gay guy than a fat woman. Getting a woman to lose weight isn't hard.

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Honestly what the actual fuck...

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Attention whores gonna whore.

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Seems Gigi has some problems……….

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Nothing a bullet can't fix.

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Why waste a bullet, surely online harassment can make it end its own life.

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I assumed that had to be fake, I mean there's no way right?

But it's real...

Lesbian video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4HclVrFsAnY

Dog video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5w-o6aVW6jg

Dog follow up video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rFlsVLWzU0I

Bonus video, where she is today: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yy_4XmV-GhU

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Not a "she"....it.

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Why do Christians ignore Israel promoting degeneracy?

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oy vey

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I supposed you could call it "Extreme Circumcision".

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isn't that illegal ?

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Not for long

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Why did the bible warn us?

[–] Killinger 1 points 12 points (+13|-1) ago 

So all of mankind wouldn't bend the knee to this. That's why.

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warn of what? faggotry? tranny-ism? bestiality?

serious question. There's been lots of shit happening lately that people can relate to the end-times stuff from the bible. I find it quite interesting.

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All of it. Tranny could be covered under gender roles. I just think its interesting that we were warned as early as exodus.

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