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That wall the kids built on the mexican teacher's door was awesome.

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Yea when it showed that I laughed hard. I don't fully agree with the tooth gap thing, but in general this shows me hope in that not all children (who represent our future) are complete brainwashed pussies.

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Normies will absolutely not see it this way. This is some more of what you might call "controlled opposition" aka "oh noes even the kids are turning into raycists we need to up the propaganda levels"

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And if they up the propaganda levels, their repulsive motives will become even more transparent. It's a win/win.

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I'm confused by your statement because the "normies" are who determine elections. The common sensed Americans who sided with you against the people who called you racist are the "normies." And you feel that the best way to move forward with this win is to behave really bad in order to get a rise out of the left, forcing them to over-react and make them look worse than they already do. Even though now, the right looks bad too? Pushing the "normies" away from your base by making them sorry that they gave Trump their vote. Interesting, please explain how this method is supposed to help you guys in the next election?

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With skills like that we should get them to build the real one. And there I was thinking schools were failing children, and then they come out with this masterpiece.

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I got $100 bucks that say us whites with our privilege paid for her college. Thanks for the heads up.

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Rubbin yer edumacation in DangersDad face, eh?

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good looking out. I gotta quit getting so stoned when I comment on here.

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I'd bet $10000 we did. I know a lot of non-whites, non-asians who went to uni and ended up with excruciatingly low debts, if any. They got scholarships and grants for literally be minority, no effort required. Just apply to FAFSA and let the shekels roll in.

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They get rewarded for being poor, yet complain about privilege... shameful.

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Hatching scheme: begrudgingly learn spanish, wear fake tan 24/7, dye hair/wear wig, use/invent spanish version of name, mark hispanic on form, throw in a special snowflake "gender," insert sob story here, commence operation shekel grabbing.

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I had cancer. I wonder if I can get a scholarship? Or do I have to be born with heightened melanin?

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I know multimillionaire non-whites who got scholarships.

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In her defense, she did tow jaw.

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What is tow jaw? Google gives me pictures of some mechanics.

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I tow jaw dat u cant b raycis up in dis here skoo

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Told y'all

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"Told you all"

I could barely understand it

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Hooked on Ebonics wurked fo me!

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Hookt on foniks rilly werkt for her

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Betcha the kids did this shit exactly because ''she knew they were racist/sexist''.

They probably got tired of her bitching at them or disrespecting THEM. So this was their retribution. She's obviously a shitty teacher who can't even speak proper English.

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I was smarter than this nigger bitch in 4th grade...I'd've refused to be "taught" by her

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Too bad it didn't show this about the teachers and just strengthened their position against the students bad behavior.

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I enjoyed the spanish teacher correcting her English. It was a little jab of "I look down on you".

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She should go teach the black kids where she can deal with credible death threats from gangsters.

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Relocating to Chicago? Why, that's a fantastic idea. She really ought to.

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You aren't suppose to share your personal political beliefs with your students. It's wholly her fault that students felt that they would get a reaction by posting that stuff.

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It also appears to be a sign that they felt they weren't permitted or comfortable sharing their dissenting political views in class, and thus this anonymous protest is both an expression of frustration and anger (buck teeth) and a desire to have their voices heard (the political messages). It's also quite possibly influenced by the innate desire for teenagers to be counter-culture, and right now to be conservative is to be rebellious.

The most ironic part of this is that every school lesson about the roles of blacks in America stresses that they've been historically marginalized voices, and that society apparently needs to do a better job to make sure that marginalized voices have a chance to speak up. And yet if my above theory is right, this black teacher ironically can't recognize that there are marginalized voices in her very class.

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This is what I'm assuming too. The teacher implies that she discussed her personal political beliefs with her students. Naturally the ones that disagree are going to challenge her in interesting ways. Same goes for the the Mexican teacher. I'm not sure what politics has to do with teaching Math.

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The other teacher who is Mexican-American

Go back to Mexico then. If you're not AMERICAN and just American, fuck off. Clearly you have more allegiance to Mexico than the USA. Tired of this ''first other countries than American'' bullshit.

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The only thing I kind of have issue with is the gap teeth thing.

It's not really cool to pick on people for shit like that, but kids always do.

The rest of the shit is intelligent kids challenging their teachers in non violent ways.

This crybaby needs to go teach in an inner city for a little perspective.

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Her inability to master the english language at her age bothers me.

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It grew up in ghetto, had heard ebonics all its life, is genetically incapable of higher thought and adaptation, and you wonder why it couldn't learn proper English?

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the teachers were probably trying to push their agendas onto these kids. this is how the kids chose to fight back, because their opinions do not matter while class is in session

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teeth gap seems more like something the teacher added. the wall might be the bean teachers virtue signaling aswell.

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I agree

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