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For all the shit people gave goth kids in the 90's, they had their own subculture, they didn't impose shit on anyone and didn' ask for any special treatment, plus enough goths were fucking hotties that elements of their culture organically became cool and the mainstream started to embrace elements of their culture.

This shit, WTF? Goth boys in makeup were trying to fuck girl/boys/whatever, not questioning whether they were boys. Nobody wants to fuck these creatures and strangely it is our fault. You read articles about how men think they are entitled to women's sexual attention and should stop expecting women to reward them with sex and at same fucking people write articles trying to shame us all into fucking things we aren't attracted to because it is bigoted not to be attracted to thing we have evolved to not find in any way appealing?


[–] karaz 0 points 16 points (+16|-0) ago 

Elements of goth or punk subculture eventually became popular, accepted and were seen as cool - because the people who started it walked their own path and didn't whine about self inflicted wounds.

Goths at least got that if you dress like a weirdo and look completely out of ordinary, you can't expect mainstream to cheer you on - and that was the point.

Every time i see people like these three it reminds me of a guy i knew since college who thought it would be a good idea to get a neck tattoo, ear stretchers and have his tongue split. After doing all that he still has the audacity to bitch about how he can't find a decent job in finance and chicks won't touch him with a 10 foot pole because as it turns out, looking like a lunatic might work in early 20s, not so much when you hit 30.


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goth or punk subculture eventually became popular, accepted and were seen as cool - because the people who started it walked their own path and didn't whine about self inflicted wounds.

Well I'm with you with most of what you said, but goths whined all the time about self-inflicted wounds it was like a core part of being goth from what I remember.


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Social media narcissists have found a way to exploit civil rights laws and sue businesses for not accepting a culture they contrived overnight.

This avalanched to school curriculums, TV shows, movies, and books.

Children are being taught bizarre curriculums based on fake values that were intended to make people comply or get sued.

This money-making scam has caused teachers to teach confusing and made-up things to kids.

Even National Geographic has to treat its readers to this landfill of fake values to stay compliant.

It went from make-believe to make-them-believe.


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Narcissism + Social media = contrive your own culture and force people to accept it via political correctness.

They're being different for the sake of the value this platform creates out of thin air.

Now they can bring attention to a problem America never had and propose solutions for profit like changes in school curriculum, TV shows, movies.

By being professional victims overnight, they can sue schools, businesses, and Netflix for being un-represented in media, not using pronouns or anything else they made up.

It really is dangerous because it forces people to teach children disgusting curriculums that started off as a way for social media narcissists to make money.

The recent sociological changes in education have no value. The purpose of these changes are only for compliance so they don't get sued by so-called SJWs.

Even National Geographic has been forced to comply and teach its readers lies simply because they don't want to get sued.