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There's also an important difference between an attacker being religious and an attack being religiously motivated.

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It shows us there was at least 1 MAN in england willing to fight back

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Who the fuck is downvoating this? Europeans have experienced an invasion and this one guy fights back and it's labeled as terrorism? Go fuck yourselves

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Also, I believe a terrorist attack involves a motive that intends to sway the policy of the government.

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These people have been performing violence on this man's country and intended to continue indefinitely, an equal reaction is completely sane and justified. This man is a hero.

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I got to fight illiterate mountain men who were financially motivated. Does that count?

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How do you know he was a Christian? He could have been an atheist or a very radical muslim

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So, a normal moslem?

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There is actually different less violent sects but the main message of Muslims is raping children and killing people who aren't in your tribe. This is actually the same as Christianity also but people are more selective on their fellowship because atheist beliefs have shown how savage religions are and started to kill people in the church who where burning their own people over stupid beliefs.

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Except since Ramadan there has been 1200 Islamic terror attacks.

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There's always more terror attacks around Ramadan. They get so jealous of everyone else doing what the fuck they want instead of enslaving themselves to a millennia old book that their tiny brains can't channel their repressed desires any other way.

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Christian terrorist attacks up 33%!

The headline for the end of the year.

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Kek That is hilarious. Please make a post in December when MSM says exactly that...

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I hate ''news'' sources that do this. It's the worst kind of statistical lie...

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It was an expat Jew how did this. It wasn't Christian at all.

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If Trump's travel ban countries can be called Muslim majority countries, can the recent attacks be called Muslim majority terrorist attacks?

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Dats Racist!!!#

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This and the play interruption are both examples of the right abandoning their patience and using the same tactics as those bent on destroying us. I'm still not sure how I feel about this; I will always oppose attacking innocent people, and a play is an exercise of free speech, though in the latter case an argument for incitement of violence might be made. Even then I don't know if interrupting it is justified. But to justify the acts as a way of emphasizing the double standard, I do agree with that. If they criticize these actors we need only point at the times they did they same. Troubling times.

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What's your thoughts on violence over time?

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I'm not sure I understand exactly what you're asking, but people will always be violent, especially in timed where we are allowing ourselves to be increasingly divided.

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It might be a case of the Republicans abandoning the religious. To be honest, there were two reasons the conservative movement had the religious as part of the movement. The first was that communists were anti-religion. The second was that William F. Buckley liked his invisible sky daddy. Now that communism is relegated to the souvenir shop of history the needs of the coalition are changing and the fiscal conservatives are pushing out those who make faith based decisions.

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I don't know about the communism-souvenir shop bit; I think organizations like Antifa are showing that communism is still pulling strings where it can. But I get the idea of what you're saying.

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I don't think this has much to do with the anti Trump play.

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I don't mean the OP, the OP just reminded me of the recent van attack, which reminded me of the nature of the play interruption and how the right is lashing back in a way that the right would traditionally criticize.

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And another one And another one

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We can do it, lets be just as peaceful as the muslims. Wouldnt it be grand, if we could be just as peaceful LoL

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