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Neither, he has a lorax.

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Reasonably sure that's a cat, albeit a handsome motherfucking cat.

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Yeah posture, button nose and eyes give it away but yes it does look like a dog.... 'hypertrichosis (excessive hair growth).'....owners seem to be from Quebec https://www.instagram.com/explore/tags/hypertrichosis/ worth a small fortune if breeders want to make a new mix of Persian, Coon, Lynx, Bobcat, Norwegian Forest Breed...searching around I found this 'Lykoi' thing a weirdass dog looking cat with a receeding hairline like a man-wearwolf...I also noticed a trend of breeders trying to mix some Wild small African Cats into Domestic Cats...my guess is we are going to see some weirdass cat breeds in the next decades like they messed up the breed of dogs

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That is a lot of extra unnecessary analysis. Could just look at the eyes ;)

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Are you guys really going to just assume his species?

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You just assumed its gender! And our gender too. We could all be strong independent womyn here.

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He/his is actually gender neutral.

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Or, under the recently passed Oregon legislation we may identify as attack helicopters.

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Congratulations, you're counted among the select group of people who have seen the best movie of all time. Welcome!

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Now we chilly down and dance that magic dance? Hehehe :D

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I think that's an owl

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That is a cat.

Source: I seen a lot of cats and dogs.

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Cat. Source: Eyes

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And that front-feet together stance.

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Oh the cat has its own website, nice. Fancy cat.

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