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He should have visited v/TraditionalHusbands. Would have gotten the same advice without paying for the doctor visit.

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The makers of this cartoon make fun of nazis. They are jew cucks or cucked by jews.

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They also make fun of Jews, Jesus, the mentally ill, epileptics, zombies, gays, parents, etc., etc.

A good message is a good message.

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C&H had major sjw vibe for a long time, good to see them getting their shit together and start being funny again.

Still miss Matt tho.

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Where did the doc get those? What was the donors medical complaint?

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Lmao, apparently, either his back pocket or his ass.

And I have a feeling that the donor's medical complaint was "Hi, I'm Bruce... I mean, Caitlyn Jenner."

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Outstanding. Women like to marry us strong men, then over time bitch about how manly we are, then over more time reduce the amount of manly things we do with other manly men, then even over more time reduce our manliness alltogether, then finally, leave us for a manly man and repeat the cycle. Fuck em, don't commit to em, and hang out with manly men for a good life, no wife.

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Running away to a lifelong sausagefest is equally sackless.

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Wrong. Unless you're a fag and/or adopt a child, you die alone leaving nothing of value behind, like a nigger. Unless you're building some kind of Empire (financial, artistic, scientific, etc.), or going the adoption/mentoring route I mentioned earlier, you might as well end it all now.

Find a woman, one of those v/TraditionalWives, that won't cuck you, and is only looking for a team member in life; they are out there.

Some women will shit-test you from time to time, it's their nature, but you'll need to push back if the issue is important to you. It will signal to them that you know who you are and that you're not a pushover; that you're a man. If they leave you because​ of that, you dodged a bullet. You'll find another.

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this needs to be translated to and send to the cucked Swedes