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The hell is an alt left. Just call them commies.

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They're as much commies as alt-right is feudalistic. Fake controled (((movements))).

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A Sanders supporter wearing a onesie - sounds about right.

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If I got on a buss and saw this, I'd be watching this guy very closely after recent bernie bro attacks.

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Is a buss a special kind of bus?

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the extra s is for stupidity

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yup, if you give me $100 I can explain it to you, but no refunds.

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I don't get it. Why would you invest so much energy and emotion in a politician?

That person has done nothing to earn such a level of trust. You are basing your political preferences on vague promises.

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When you have no faith in God, country or yourself, you pick an old Jewish socialist to worship - Marx or Sanders.

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Muffled he can still win in the distance

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Me: "Did you lose a bet.. or just an election?"

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IMO Bernie is a winner in this election. He got millions and a new house via dumbass supporters and the DNC. Then with the strategic loss to Hilldawg he can continue to spout bullshit that sounds great without ever have to do anything of substance. I dunno, not a bad outcome for Ol' Bernie if you ask me.

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Not a bad outcome for him at all unless any facts about how he helped fix the election for Hillary comes out. Not just facts coming out but actual legal action where they take his house and money for fixing an election. Otherwise it's business as usual.

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There's never any of the voat commies and lefties in these kind of threads. Too embarrassed?

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It's a dude wearing Bernie pajamas. Pretty retarded to do in public even if you like the guy

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