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Faggots always claim this online, yet no one can ever produce evidence of an open carrier being targeted. Put up or shut up.


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This is @Totenglocke logic: "I like to hold onto a metal pole and stick it up in the air in the middle of a field when there is a lightning storm. Faggots online always claim that it is a bad idea but no one ever produces evidence." There is tons of evidence online to show that revealing to all around you that you have a weapon can backfire on you. Watch just 3 of these videos and then come back and tell me if you still think that open carrying is better than concealing.

The concerns regarding open carry is that you are removing your advantage by allowing your enemy to know you are armed. I have done my share of open carrying when I used to live in a state where open carry was permit-less and concealed required a permit but I hadn't gotten it yet. And of course I can always argue all day about how nothing happened to me when I did so. That is a stupid argument. Just because nothing bad happened didn't mean that I should keep doing it that way. Concealing allows you to blend in with the rest and brandish only when needed to defend a life. A gun is not a status symbol, a tool to wear so people fear you or respect you, nor is it something that should be used to attract attention to yourself. I don't know why you open carryers get so offended and angry when this topic comes up. There really is no need to be upset that someone cares about another American life.


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Cops open carry. Why do you think that is?


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. I don't know why you open carryers get so offended and angry when this topic comes up.

Because your spewing CC class talking points. Funny how the biggest people against OC are CC instructors. Don't need to pay for a class if you OC huh?