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The "peace" is only for those who submit to Islam. When Muslims deal with non-Muslims, the options are:

  1. Convert the non-Muslims.
  2. Tax the non-Muslims.
  3. Kill the non-Muslims.

It is incompatible with multiculturalism because there is no "leave others alone" option.


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But there are different currents within Islam, and they fight each other too. So, basically their main characteristic is intolerance.


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I'd complain about it being tired repost, but it gets truer every time I see it.


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Ignorance or malice?

I'd say 70% useful idiots,

30% sick, sick people.


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Seeing that others see the madness too, eases my mind a bit.


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And you people support them by claiming they're ignorant, even though they're really malicious.


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They're really not. Mosts leftists are so literally brainwashed that they can no longer reason. They are literally something less than human.


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Worse than that, they not only are punished for using reason but the very idea of objective reason is viewed as being patriarchal and racist.

Their ideology puts a premium on subjective rationalization at the expense of any testable truths, and places the highest value perception on the most infirm and least educated minds amongst them.

The entire process is like a factory designed to evolutionarily select and produce only the absolutely most defective product it can.


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It's not the SJWs that can't figure this out, it's the normies.


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We are all fortunate that this is not true that all Muslims, or even a tiny minority of Muslims are radical enough to kill 'infidels.'

There are about 1.6 billion Muslims worldwide. If just one percent of them were radicalized to the point of actually committing terrorism, that would result in about 16 million terrorists attacks. Obviously this is not happening.

I'm not saying that there is not a problem within Islam. There are many problems with Islam in the way that it mixes politics with religion and that it is often very oppressive towards women and gays. However it is also true that the vast majority of Muslims are peaceful and honorable people.


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Terrorism is not the only problem with Islam. They are dead set on conquering the world. They will quietly move into a country, breed like rabbits, and then the real trouble starts when they have a sizable minority... i.e. civil wars (how is that for terrorism)... until they've established total dominance.

Pakistan is the end game, for example. It was 10% Christian only a short time ago, and now it's down to 1% because they're fleeing the very real persecution.


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However it is also true that all Muslims worship a child molesting mass murderer

Fixed it for you