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[–] Gorillion 26 points -10 points (+16|-26) ago 

I always like the last minute dive this guy does in the movie. Won't be able to watch it without hearing "Alluah Ackbar!!!" now.

Fuck, a whole re-voicing of the trilogy using all these memes would be amazing.


[–] TheTrigger 0 points 0 points (+0|-0) ago 

Man, you guys got nuked in this thread. I wonder how much money ShareBlue's burning through on voat, atm.


[–] Vladimara 28 points -21 points (+7|-28) ago 

Fuck it, I'd do some writing and (maybe) voice acting for this.

In fact, we should set up a subverse for this

[–] [deleted] 33 points -29 points (+4|-33) ago