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Bill would slide a cigar tube up her hideous twat and claim its smaller than his incredibly tiny penis, no harm done.

Why do you think Hillary is so frustrated?

Stupid bitch has never been fucked right, except by Trump, and he wasn't even trying.


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Well in Hillary's defense, she didn't choose to be born with that hideous look of hers, it was "given" to her by the genetic lottery. And honestly, if I was as ugly as her, I'd also have to use a lot of my energy on staying positive. Although unlike Hillary, I wouldn't get angry and full of hatred, but rather I'd do like most people, be sad that I was so ugly nobody could every love me for my looks. And then I'd do what I already did as a kid, focus on non sexual things in life, improving my personality, knowledge, intelligence and exercise to get in shape. It didn't make my face any prettier, but it brought me joy in life and made me interesting enough to get friends eventually. And once people are drunk enough or on drugs, they'll fuck anything so eventually I did start getting laid. And luckily enough for me, girls aren't really that interested in looks so with the right charm, you can get to fuck all the same girls as Chad.


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Hi Chelsea!

I really didn't think you would have the balls to reply to a voat comment, if only your face were less horse-like ...still, you are a far better man than your dad could ever dream to be

Just pulling your leg @zeroprime