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They're gonna have Snitch in a Ditch if it reports anything I said without my permission.

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I'd say Portland more so. I've been been to a city so FULL of hipster neon haired faggots in my entire life. Unreal.

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If you cower to those low T faggots you're a bigger cuck than them. Do you know how easy it is for an Alpha in a city full of Betas???

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Live in Seattle. Can confirm.

Also, queer with a beard is actually a chick.

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He looks like my friend Bob, who brews really good beer. Bob never ever talks politics. I strive to be more like Bob.

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As a Washington State rural resident, I wholeheartedly concur with this.

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Another Meme War victory. You will have many stories to tell your grandchildren

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Seattle is a wonderful city, except the extremely high suicide rates.

The people are really nice too, at least in my experience. One of the best places in the country in terms of people for sure. Or maybe they were just hitting on me? Now I don't know,...

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Their kindness is entirely fictitious. They're incredibly selfish but mask it over with ''kindness'' because they want to feel like they're good people despite generally being fairly terrible. It's why Seattle virtue-signals far harder than any other liberal area.

Surface level: good people Reality: Incredibly selfish and arrogant.

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A fag in drag.

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