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I can't help but notice that Time magazine censored the crosses from atop those buildings

[–] 9-11 1 points 17 points (+18|-1) ago 

[–] MONKEYBUSINESS 2 points 7 points (+9|-2) ago 

kikes love doing that shit

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Wow. I had no idea!

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They are so petty...

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Why would a church be symbolic of Russia having influence over Trump. The Kremlin is right next door.. Oh right, people wouldn't recognize the Kremlin so better put St. basil's Cathedral on there. And some blood or red bricks.

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is it a 3rd grade reading level they aim for?

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Haha. Just posted they are geared toward 10 year old minds. How old are you in third grade?

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If you fold it right it looks like an outhouse.

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How dare you sully the distinguished reputation of a publication such as MAD by comparing it to TIME?

[–] 0rion 1 points 7 points (+8|-1) ago 

Did they seriously put St. Basil's Cathedral behind the White House? Wouldn't it have made more sense to make it the Kremlin? The really shows how little these (((journalists))) truly know.

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Makes me want to play Tetris.

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It's not surprising when you consider all the jokes that were being made about political correctness a few years ago have turned real. Police struggling to describe criminals because they can't name the race, trannies allowed in women's sports... I have a theory that The Onion was bought so they could use it as a Think Tank.

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MAD did it better.

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