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French slang for homosexual. Comes from the word Pederaste (a man who has sexual relations with a boy), and is considered derogatory. source, image

They are gay pedos.

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I am fluent in French and this is VERY true, it is literally the most derogatory name you can call a male. It's worse than nigger because it is calling you both a faggot and pedophile in a single word. The French have very unique words... Revenge for example is "vengeance" in French... however they have a special word called "revenche" which is a single word that describes France's HATE of all things German. They literally created a word to embody their hatred of Germany...

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I can imagine very well it's considered 'derogatory'.

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but i dont think we really expected anything intelligent from their corner. it's kind of nice to see them clinging to straws. acting like they dont care about reddit... but still linking to reddit on their page - sending traffic right back to reddit, after claiming that reddit 'needs them' for their traffic and what not. desperate people making measures.

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This new subverse is likely a "set up", so soon they will point to VOAT and say, "Look, there's where all the pedo's hang out, not here on our site."

Totally looks like a frame up to me.

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Reminds one of the r/restorethefourth.

Where the logo was made to look like an anus. As an inside joke to the shitbags that co-opted it.

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Should have named it "le Pedes"

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I reckon it's some sort of sabotage from with. Something fucked up and pernicious is going on.

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You might be on to something.

Is this migration? Or invasion?

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Sure looks that way.

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lmfao. I tried translating it as well, and he's right. Technically, it's pédé, but ... yeah.

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and he's right.

Who is he? Edit: I'm stupid.

Technically, it's pédé

The one I have blocked is thepedes so I fucked that up but they spell it "pedes", so wtf are you going on about?

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who is he

You, silly.

so wtf are you going on about?

In French, the word apparently has two accent marks. On a side note, with -s for plural, Google gives "fags."

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sacre bleu !


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Nom de dieu!

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Fuck France.

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