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Are you somehow suggesting that post-term fetus was not a Russian spy for Trump?

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Muh russians

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i thought it was brave, at least someone has the vag to stand up to Putin

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Hillary was merely performing post-utero abortions that ebil republicans banned. #womensrightochoose

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denying hillary the right to practice 4th trimester abortions

misogynist detected

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I hope she does. That would be AWESOME!

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Yawn. Everybody has information that will lead to Hillary's arrest except nobody will fucking arrest her. so it doesn't fucking matter. She can walk out in the middle of Times Square with a goddamn machine gun and just start mowing people down. Rip the clothes off their mangled corpses strap on a huge fake black cock and start fucking them. She could do this for weeks until she died of exhaustion and she would never get arrested they would just cordon off the area of and put up signs that say "nothing to see here" .

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Trump is going for her. That's why he fired Comey and that's why the elites are trying to push impeach him over a made up story. Reddit has become a cesspool of manipulation to make Trump look like Hitler contrary the opinions of real people, it is fully controlled by shills.

We need to support Trump more than ever to help him survive this onslaught and take Hilary and all her cronies down. Reddit needs to be abandoned ASAP, there is no hope for influence there anymore. This is Voat's chance to go mainstream.

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It's not only reddit, it's the entire MSM who is after Trump's scalp.

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"for weeks" "die of exhaustion" Dude you really think she could last that long?

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I don't think she's last 5 minutes but it be hilarious to watch her try...

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Chris Cornell, formerly of Sound Garden, now leads the charge against leftist insanity! With the raspy voice of a thousand years!

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Oh fuck I just got it, ha!

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2 soon.

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Thanks for making me laugh about something that has depressed me all fucking day.

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Well done.

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This guy needs to be extra careful. I feel like he is gonna die from a "gym accident" soon.

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He was found dead this morning of an apparent suicide

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Two shots to the back of the head with a barbell crushing his windpipe, while suffering from a heart attack.

Classic suicide, open and shut case!

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people fall asleep on the train tracks all the time

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