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People who commit crime should be exposed, regardless of ethnicity or religious background. But the (((legal system))), (((financial system))) and (((media))) ensure that rarely happens, so it is up to use on the Internet to expose these crimes. It just so happens that one of the more major (((operations))) at the moment is the destruction of western/white civilization. Now that people have caught on, you damn right they are going to expose any and all attempts to move the (((operation))) forward.

No one even believes that criminals commit crime because they are Jewish, that is ridiculous.The Jewishness is important because it shows networking, favoritism, and working towards a common goal. Which is relevant in this case, because the common goal is, as mentioned above, the destruction of white civilization. The very inversion of values and culture. Which is Satanic. ((())) means the people are culturally and ethnically Jewish, yes, but in the larger scope it is used to expose a Satanic agenda (which Jews should be against, because the Satanists are posing as Jews)!