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Background OP is lazy

For any folks that don't know about it. No shame in that. It got swept under the rug faster then a jew on a bike drives though mecca.


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(((Terrorists))) in sheep's dressing!


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Well shit TIL something new.

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That's the point.

Just how fast would a jew fuck truck if a jew fuck could truck through?

Yup day drinking again.


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thanks Heywood.... was going to link the same.


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"Sir, We are under attack from Israeli jets." ...."what jets???"...

CAPTAIN!! ISRAELI JETS OFF THE STARBOARD 117!!! They're coming in hot and heavy!"

"Call Them Off!" "Don't They See We are American?"

"Raise the Flag!"

"Sir! We already have the flag flying. They must know we're American."


Captain? Captain? ....

.....why are they continuing to shoot at us? Don't they know that we are friendly?

..are they trying to sink us so that they can blame the Egyptians and thereby involve America in this 1967 War?

Why is the Israeli air force using those French jets to try to sink our ship?

Why is Israel sending torpedo boats against the USS LIBERTY? Don't they see the American flag?

Why are they killing so many Americans? Are they just killing Americans in order to bring us into their war?

The XO is dead.... the gunner, my friend, is dead. The Israelis are still attacking. We've changed course and run. The destroyer USS Sullivan is coming to assist.

Why did the Israelis attack us? Why did they keep on attacking us after they knew we were Americans?

Why do the Jews hate us so much?


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Very informative. A thousand upvoats to you, my g!


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I always point out that it was Israel that committed many deceitful acts of Terror against the US or Britain i.e.: King David hotel bombing (they dressed like Arabs), the Lavon affair (tried to bomb US/European offices, etc. in Egypt and blame it on Nasser's weakness), the USS Liberty (that one required some real Presidential collusion), and then mix in the theft of nuclear secrets or training mujahedin.


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False Flag ! The kykes sterilized and then put out as Egyptians on the warplanes. Guess what the Kyke print, film or tv certainly weren't going to let the stupid goyim know about this. I believe a few of the remaining survivors made a DOC about this recently. "USS liberty dead in the water " is a kosher version of what happened.


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The US military should steamroll Israel for many reasons. The US gov is under occupation by jews/zionists


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You should remake the picture with them rubbing their hands together :^)


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