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What a racist piece of shit.




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Dumb fat bitch detected.


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Who will have multiple children from multiple men while never marrying and never having a man hang around after the pump is dumped, and remain supported with a home, food , education for her 99% sure to be like mother children, police, firemen, emergency medical care and all the other things that fucking white males have invented... all paid for by honest productive taxpaying citizens. Whoops, I mean by white males.

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All while talking through the most complicated language created by white males?


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I know the English is varied for having two roots for every common word, and a lot of nouns and adjectives are stolen from other languages; but do you know if it is also true that the common verbs are the most irregular?

I found English so hard to learn before I was around natives speaking it because of this. There are so many common verbs that decline feeling randomly that you need someone to tell you when you are wrong. They also have so many phrases they use that mean something else: pulling my/your/his leg, taking the (never my/your/his) piss, cock up, "the bees knees" (it means the best? ok English).

Even if you learned all the irregular verbs and all the other common words, if you come to England or hear a group of English on holiday this is what they sounds like and this is how much you can understand of their slang.


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The dog's bollocks is a personal favourite. Bollocks is another word with multiple meanings, it literally means testicles but if I was to say "that's bollocks" it would mean something is unfair or unjust. "That's bollocks" can also be used to mean someting is false. It can also be used alone, similar to "fuck" when something goes wrong. "The dog's bollocks" means something really good, like if I liked your car I'd say "your car is the dog's bollocks."


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His dialect borders on old norse, literally, so I'm not surprised you can't understand it.


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There's also the fact that English isn't a very standardized language at all, (not even basic sounds, and before the printing press, not even letters) and the only time any sort of real standard at all was established was when it was necessitated by the printing press. To a native speaker such as I, this comes naturally, but to others, I can see how this could be very confusing.

(Example: Many major differences between British English and American English actually boil down to the fact separate dictionaries became popular, which were made by two different people with two different ideas of how the language should be.)


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I have a friend whose not been speaking English for very long, on his computer he has a long list of phrases he commonly hears us use and has had to look up their meaning.
"On the fence", springs to mind.

Edit: I asked him for a copy of his list - https://pastebin.com/raw/DdmGGYmz


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Also, we all know even folks in Iceland can't speak Icelandic, they just make it up as they go to confuse each other. Same reason Iceland is green and Greenland is ice. Tricky vikings.


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This is indeed a good way to shut down anti-white man retards - not that you should pay any heed to these freaks in the first place. Point to everything around you and exclaim how all of it was created by white men, while derisively laughing at your opponent's inferiority.


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Marxists that call themselves liberal are bothered by what is perfectly normal. This includes racism, xenophobia, Islamophobia, and even bigotry. Groups of people are different. Groups of different people produce different results. People notice. This is all just normal stuff.


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Can't argue with logic so they threaten you with big daddy govt


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But white men have only been successful because of systemic patriarchal, racist, homophobic imperialist misogyny. Or something. /s


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Replace "straight white male" with literally anything else and watch these people lose their goddamn minds.

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