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That's not even half of it. They wear life vests because they believe it will protect them from bullets (because life vests were made to save lives), they wear female dresses or come up with retarded names like General Ebola or General Butt Naked to scare the bullets away.

What I'm trying to say is that they're niggers.


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Please please please give me some sources for that. I need to be able to copy your claim and have the sources to back it up when arguing with folks.


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To start you off, here is what African warfare looks like.

On the subject of dressing like women

According to the soldiers themselves, cross-dressing is a military mind game, a tactic that instills fear in their rivals. It also makes the soldiers feel more invincible. This belief is founded on a regional superstition which holds that soldiers can "confuse the enemy's bullets" by assuming two identities simultaneously.

Naturally, this being Slate, it's written by a leftist cuck that doesn't understand what camouflage is really for and thinks wearing a neon purple wig and a wedding dress is the same as combat camo:

Though the accoutrements and garb look bizarre to Western eyes, they are, in a sense, variations on the camouflage uniforms and face paint American soldiers use to bolster their sense of invisibility (and, therefore, immunity) during combat. Since flak jackets or infrared goggles aren't available to the destitute Liberian fighters, they opt for evening gowns and frilly blouses.

Guess no one told the dumbfuck that the purpose of camouflage is not to "hide" a soldier or vehicle, but to "break up" their silhouette to make them harder to spot.

But moving on, here's the kikepedia article on General Butt Naked, a cannibalistic nigger with a taste for niglets.

Also, from this NewYorker article:

Reporting to the militia leaders were dozens of rebel commanders, many of whom adopted outlandish names: Chuck Norris, One-Foot Devil, General Mosquito, and his nemesis, General Mosquito Spray. Blahyi was active for about three years, and, as General Butt Naked, he led several dozen soldiers—the Naked Base Commandos—who fought mostly in Monrovia. Many of the soldiers were children, and, like their commander, they often wore nothing but shoes and magic charms. In a distorted emulation of animist tradition, Blahyi claimed that this made them “immune to bullets.”

I can't find a source for the life vest thing but I remember seeing pictures of niggers wearing them, and I guess with all the above it's pretty simple to deduce why they did it. It's another kind of charm to them, it's a tool that is meant to keep you alive so it should work on bullets too, right? Also, it has likely to do with the penchant of niggers to develop cargo cults. They see the white man wearing body armor and, being niggers, think anything that looks remotely similar serves the same purpose.


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Here's a source about scaring bullets away and also doing other stupid shit. Vice's documentary on the criminal warlords of Liberia.


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10 seconds with a search engine


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Be Butt Naked
Be Black
Fight at Night
Perfect Camoflage


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That's why experienced night-fighters in Africa know a lot of jokes. When the enemy hides, they yell out "Why did the nigger cross the road? ...He was chasing the fried chicken!" Big grin.... "There he is!" :::BANG:::


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Dont smile


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Also General Mosquito and General Mosquito Spray (rivals obviously). You can't make this shit up.


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Then I am Hugh Mongus banga lot.


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Ah see nothing was making sense until you said they're niggers. Now I get it.