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You would have thought they would have tied a big cloth to a raft out of curiosity or put wood over rivers and streams to cross easier or he'll even how to domesticate beasts of burden.... they did none of these things. Parasites.


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that pretty much sums it up. i did a little research a few weeks back. africa, especially back then was large enough with bountiful resources, rivers and coastline...along with all climates to be a totally self sufficient country with no outside help or trade needed. every city thats notable is that way because of the intervention of non-blacks.

every single continent, had MAJOR architectural developments, the Aztecs, the Mayans,the Japanese and Chinese, the Russians, all of Europe, Egypt and the mid east....they all had ancient civilization with advancements to prove it. niggers? all that land and resource...and they couldnt figure out how to sell pelts to their neighbors who delt with snow. they couldnt figure out that they could make a boat of of all the wood and travel the rivers? lolwut? they are monkeys. plain and simple.


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they aren't monkeys. they are niggers


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Egypt is in Africa.

Just saying.