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Southpark has done that.

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Tequila + Taco Bell = Great nights + lousy mornings

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Am I the only one who doesn't get fucking destroyed when I drink tequila? Or is it just because I don't buy the cheap shit made from sugar?

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I've been destroyed by the 100% agave stuff. I'm not talking about the holocaust when I say NEVER AGAIN.

Somebody needs to separate the chemicals in tequila and figure out which ones are heinous. Or as my autocorrect insists, which ones are gerbils. Science needs to solve this problem.

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Crazy. For me, I've always had the absolute worst hangovers after drinking rum. It doesn't even taste that good compared to other spirits.

And whoever thought making hard liquor out of sugar is retarded. Fuck rum.

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I could have used this this morning. I about blew the tank off the back of the shitter let me tell you.

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Ahh. Good old A.I.D.S. (alcohol induced dripping shits)

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