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Yeah, basically this. Throw in a kid lying face down on a beach and this is accurate.

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It boggles my mind this entitled mentality they have. Especially the fucking Muslims.
I can't even imagine moving to Japan and bitching about how their culture doesn't cater to my way of doing things.

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Islam is not a religion.

It's a way of life. That's why they move in and transform their surroundings into sandfuckistan. They don't "westernize" because to them everything different is despicable and degenerate.

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It's a religion, but everything in life is subdued to it. In other words, literally everything has a religious aspect to which a muslim has to abide by.

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gays do that in Japan, it annoys me so much

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People typically become immigrants for financial opportunities. And if they want to improve their life and they are let in legally, good for them. What drives me crazy is people people that go to another country not expecting to try to learn another language, having to deal with culture shock, and not having to deal with change. You will be an outsider and will have to create a social personality that is not yours to fit in. And if you have a family, and have 'traditional values' and want your family to follow those values, WHY THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING THIS? WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU?

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They shouldn't be able to come in "legally", either.

A country's riches are her own and we are in no way obligated to share with foreigners.

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Then that is up to you and others that feel that same way to change that. Like what Trump is doing with the 401b visa program.

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What if they arrive by private, voluntary charity, rather then by tax-paid welfare?

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So just native Americans allowed then?

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The fucking mass immigration ever promoting kikes made that happen

It's their only way to prevent a white nationalist uprising that would put an end to their fuckery from ever happening again

They know what they've done, this time again they believe they'll get away with it

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You posted this in funny, but I did not laugh. I look at this as savagely effective meme warfare not a joke.

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Posting it in unexpected venues is part of the war.

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Fair enough.

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Nigga train.

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