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I don't think anyone says don't jump to conclusions anymore, even the left accepts it's going to be muslims. They have almost worn out the "but he was mentally ill" meme too. Hard to push a narrative when the attackers are posting antiwestern projihad shit on fucking facebook and twitter for everyone to see.

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Funny part is not even leftists say this anymore. They just instantly jump to the not all muslims nonsense.

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...they also promptly point out that so-and-so is definitely not a refugee (even when they turn out to be) because, see, he has a french/german/swedish passport - a true native I am telling you.

edit: another classic that is making the rounds on FB (again, it's a classic): look, here is the inspirational story - with a picture!.. - about this muslim dude who saved a puppy / helped a little old lady cross the street / held the door for someone once, see? from this anecdotal evidence they are all good people; now stop making generalizations about this isolated incident.

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Which is just ridiculous logic, because even 99% would not technically be all..

Hell, even if it is 1% doing terrorist attacks, it is TOO MUCH.. That means 1 in every 100 muslims you see walking around would be a terrorist.. So tell leftists that even 1% is already way way too much..

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1% of all muslims is 16 MILLION terrorists.

That's more terrorists than the armies of the entire world combined.

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I think this is where things are going to get real bad.

When Islamic attacks become the norm, and we are no longer shocked by them, but accept them as the natural order of things.

Can't be against them, or you're an Islamaphobic racist facist redneck who doesn't understand diversity.

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but but but some army/air force plant Eric Rudolph once killed a doctor who was killing babies.

christians are evil!!!!

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This touches on another issue, just like christianity, islam is comprised of different sects. It'd be much more interesting to hear which sect these idiots come from so we can make a betting pool or whatever, something like 3:4 salafist.

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/|\ o
/\ X

Muhammed and the mrs.

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its not that time for us. we automatically know its islam. sheeeeeiiiiiit

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At this point, it would be a shock if it was not the Muslims...

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Of course it is, who else could it be?

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