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Gay here reporting in, where's my free kush?

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No, he means they crush your skull with a rock, either before or after they throw you off a roof.

That could also be before or after they rape young boys dressed as girls and pretend that's not gay because they are pedo molester faggots.

I advise you stay in the US and use cannabis with impunity and be alive while gay.

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This reminds me of how I got banned from /r/imgoingtohellforthis for being too offensive.

I would cross post but alas. I am banned.

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Yeah, god forbid you offend someone in a sub titled "IMGOINGTOHELLFORTHIS".

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What type of stuff got you banned?

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same. What got you? Too many school shooter jokes, mostly columbine.

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I'll suck dicks for free chronic.

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What are you willing to do for some moderately decent shake?

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guess im gay for hitler today.

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Only today?


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usually im straight for hitler so i can secure an existence for our people and a future for white children.

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Funny, but it would be more realistic if he said only gays get high (before we throw them off), and only loose women get stoned.

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...And men. I've never understood why people only say "In Islam the penalty for adultery is death - for women". Why add the "for women"? It's exactly the same for men. It's almost like people think killing only women is worse than killing both men and women.

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And women.

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Truth is they do smoke pot (the rich) and cultivate opium to send to America and Europe.

That's how they are getting the west to self-destruct.