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Hey, where is @wellington? I found an ol d archive of wellington calling out @nathanwblair as Nathan asked wellington to not call atheist out or it will make "us look suspicious. I have chat a with @redberry who.i

Is in danger after told Nathan on the group he created (only five days after being on voat Dec 23)that he had found d smoke gun in January. My chats with redberry are recent and he had called Nathan out of blue in desperation as being stalked in person and on WiFi in Kew Australia. Nathan.lives in Kew with his bigwig parents robeetblair of megaron software and Jo Blair of Trust corp. Look up.on linkin, wikileaks, cern about this family. Nate faked he was suicidal or in dangee after berry call, and I became suspicious. I spent three weeks searching , he had ghosted. He drove one girl.investigator almost to suicide, he did a lot to another girl who is very sick and he hacks, haabank account more.

Very Tavistock/Stratford, high level dangerous shill, computer hacker genius. Nathan played the good guy vs all paranoid citizens, and be charming helpful. After RedbeRry found smoke gun, Nate faked that Redbeery had used a insecure abc VPN and divided conquered legit in the group by hacking, prey on each and grow distrust and paranoid at FELONY LEVELS. REDBEREY was making his second cop report in Kew Melbourne and put other victims on as witness. legit around here for Nathan is and has done FELONY level abuses since Nov 2016 and its ongoing. Redbeery and others have friends not in this being hacked in bank accounts too. Someone please help and help me meme the pguck.out of nathanwblair the most evil felonious disrupter of pedogate destroying lives illegly as he lives at Hime like a wussy, destroy lives of hardworking people, including with children, sick, taming care sick patents, etc. Redbeery has kids and is terrorized.After calling Nate at the Megaron lanine at, Redbeery stalking increased three weeks ago. I was on phone with Nate who had sent me Maas screenshots that beery was dangerous, Ashe kept harming me and Redbeery with both of us not aware it was Nathan. I can't upload here on a cell. I posted on the Dischord app and oddly only other victims and a few legit have responded and Noone else, ODDLY gives a heck that citizens are FELONY crimes via shithead @nathanwblair!!/ as ones like army were so paranoid of shills, attacking ones working hard on research the MOST DANGEROUS SHILL @NATHANWBLAIR had it so easy, playing Mr nice guy charm helpful in attacking top long-term.investigators in both pedogate and related causes of advocacy such as the CP's, medicare, medicaid ongoing scandals. I wish @wellington had posted his archive ofcalling out nathanwblair as a mason , months ago for the damage done to multi fellow investigators is huge. ..and is on going as Nathan has GHOSTED BUT continues very boldly like a phucking serial.killer. Anyone hear of griffins? Nathan told me to.pray for them with Jesus, doves, 189 angels as he said he was in growing distress, suicidal as in danger of evil going on with Redbeery and Redberry called, after, then ghosted with the fake suicide fake murder by Redbeery or CERN scenario,!/ Nathan had also invited alefontitus to the Dischord pizzagate investigation. So much in series of events. Please assist. A felon shill like Nathan should be meme expose so is made history. The evil illegal fuckery of him is PHUCKED! NO DIFFERENT than ones in all past cases doing illegal for months going out of their way to destroy ones exposing and victims, except using internet computer tech now. He gas also preyed on many pizzagate victims and mk ultra, include Becky Percy. He does it all very phucking bold and confident, sadistically enjoying hack and put ones under severe distress and paranoia. Absolute illegal abuse.