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Looks like an easy way to get shot by someone with a real gun.


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One can hope.


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originally the plan was for Hillary to win, that way the left could stir up the right into fighting against a clearly anti-USA presidency in order to start a civil war.

Now that that did not happen, the plan is for these LARPERS to start shit with actual Americans, in the hope a civil war could be started that way.

Soros is an evil Mamma-Jamma


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Yeah kill fellow Americans because they hold a different political view.


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we should get airsoft companies to endorse trump or at least denouce antifa


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They bring fake guns and expect opponents to respond with real guns. When idiots do respond with real guns they cry for gun control. Enemy Media run with story and push for authoritarian gun confiscation. Rubber stamp congress approves gun control. Elite rejoice and prepare extermination camps and gulags to purge the hoi polli. Bioweapons are released that target the elite. Elite try to respond as they watch their families' internal organs liquefy with hemorrhagic fever and former empires burn. Everyone everywhere dies.

Happy days in Demon Town.


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This would make an excellent musical comedy!

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And they are so fucking stupid they can be manipulated into getting themselves shot and killed. They have no acquaintanceship with reality, consequences or responsibility; even to themselves. No loss to society.


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how long until we see armed groups approach each other?


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Yeah everyone could tell immediately when they used the term "extract" to mean -get into a minivan and leave.


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Mama bear, mama bear, need extraction from hot topic at downtown mall for escort to rendezvous at mcdonalds on third street, please advise.


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I'm confused. Are they using this to intimidate....or make fun of gun owners? Or are they finally realizing the reason gun owners want to own guns? I mean they don't have the balls to use real guns, but they are trying to imply they are real. I don't even know what these people are doing.


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If it's any consolation, I don't think these people know what they're doing either.


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Larping as revolutionaries?

I think the people behind this (not the ones attending) are hoping that it provokes a violent response, i.e. one or more of them get killed. Then they would claim they are under attack

Edit: fixed typo's


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Radical leftists have always been in favor of gun ownership. Unions in the US and elsewhere used to arm their workers when they went on strike. Actually, it was fairly common during the labor movement for gun fights to open up between laborers, corporate funded mercenaries, and the National Guard. The labor movement is commonly referred to as a second civil war in left wing academia.

Even when you look at the USSR, the Bolsheviks had a hell of a time getting guns out of people's homes. The rural peasants saw it as an affront to the revolution, and arguably it was. The Russian Revolution followed along a similar path to the French Revolution, which in the name of republicanism beheaded the king only to install an emperor. Both revolutions ended up consuming themselves and betraying their original spirit.

Then, of course, there are the Black Panthers in the '60s. They armed themselves and set up community defense units. California responded by passing its first gun control measures... to prevent left wing groups from gaining control of their own communities.


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" Mulford, a GOP assemblyman who represented Oakland, responded to the Black Panther police patrols in 1967 with a bill to strip Californians of the right to openly carry firearms.

Nobody tried to stop the 30 Black Panthers — 24 men and six women, carrying rifles, shotguns and revolvers — as they walked through the doors of the state Capitol building on May 2 of that year. This was decades before Sept. 11 or the Oklahoma City bombing, and the protesters were, after all, legally allowed to have their weapons. They entered with their guns pointed at the ceiling. Behind them followed a horde of journalists they’d called to document the protest." http://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/black-panthers-california-1967_us_568accfce4b014efe0db2f40

This is what they want. To trick republicans into supporting gun control.


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they are trying to provoke a gun owner to shoot them, so that they can then use that as an excuse to support gun control laws.


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I'm less concerned about the firearm analysis than the fact that "i before e except after c" is apparently not being drilled onto our kids' heads strongly enough.


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Wakkablam's law: anytime you criticize someone's grammar online, you make at least one grammatical mistake, yourself.


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Unless your eight foreign neighbors hijack a freight train in a weird gold heist.


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Probably because there's so many damn exceptions to the rule that it's almost worthless:

The following sections list exceptions to the basic form; many are not exceptions to the augmented forms.

Words which break both the "I before E" part and the "except after C" part of the rule include cheiromancies, cleidomancies, eigenfrequencies, obeisancies, oneironancy. cie

Some large groups of words have cie in the spelling. Few common words have the cei spelling handled by the rule: verbs ending -ceive and their derivatives (perceive, deceit, transceiver, receipts, etc.), and ceiling. The BBC trivia show QI claimed there were 923 words spelled cie, 21 times the number of words which conform to the rule's stated exception by being written with cei.[32] These figures were generated by a QI fan from a Scrabble wordlist.[33] The statistic was repeated by UberFacts.[34] With the "long e" vowel

The vowel represented by ie in words spelled cie is rarely the "long e" vowel of FLEECE (/iː/), so few words are exceptions to the version of the rule restricted to that sound. Among them are specie, species.

For those with happy-tensing accents, the final y in words ending -cy has the FLEECE vowel, and therefore so do inflected forms ending -cies or -cied (fancied, policies, etc.).

If the vowel of NEAR (/ɪər/) is considered as "long e", then words ending -cier may also be exceptions. Possible examples include: fancier, if pronounced with two rather than three syllables; or financier, if stressed on the final syllable or pronounced with a happy-tensing accent. With other sounds

These are exceptions to the basic and "long a" versions of the rhyme, but not to the "long e" version.

Types include:

Adding suffix -er to root in -cy, giving a two-syllable ending -cier; For example, fancier (adjective "more fancy", or noun "one who fancies")
Words of Latin origin with a root ending in c(i) followed by a suffix or inflexion starting in (i)e; such as
    fac or fic "do; make" (efficient, stupefacient, etc.)
    soc "sharing; kin" (society)
    sci "know" (science, prescient, etc.)
Others: ancient, concierge, glacier

ei not preceded by c

Many words have ei not preceded by c. In the sections which follow, most derived forms are omitted; for example, as well as seize, there exist disseize and seizure. Words are grouped by the phonemes (sounds) corresponding to ei or ie in the spelling; each phoneme is represented phonetically as at Wikipedia:IPA for English and, where applicable, by the keyword in John C. Wells' lexical sets.

An asterisk* after a word indicates the pronunciation implied is one of several found. Some have an /iː/ variant more common in America than Britain (e.g. sheikh, leisure, either have /eɪ/, /ɛ/, /aɪ/ respectively). With the "long e" vowel

Words where ei, not preceded by c, represents the vowel of FLEECE (/iː/), are the only exceptions to the strictest British interpretation of the "long e" version of the rhyme. Less strict interpretations admit as exceptions those words where eir, not preceded by c, represents the vowel of NEAR (/ɪər/).

Some categories of exception:

Many proper names, often because they are adopted from other languages. Fowler says the rule "is useless with proper names";[21] Carney says "As one might expect of any rule, there are likely to be even more exceptions in names, many of which are Scottish":[35]
    forenames and surnames Keith, Neil, Sheila, Stein, etc.
    placenames Leith, Keighley, Rheims, Raleigh, etc.
    Eid in the names of Muslim holidays (Eid ul-Fitr, Eid al-Adha, etc.)
    others like Cassiopeia
Chemical names ending in -ein or -eine (caffeine, casein, codeine, phthalein, protein, etc.). Here -ein(e) was originally pronounced as two syllables /iː.ɪn/
Scottish English words (deil, deid, weill, etc.) Mark Wainwright writes "There are many exceptions in Scots, so speakers with a large Scots vocabulary may as well give up on this rule."[15]

Other exceptions:

/iː/ FLEECE either, heinous, inveigle, keister, leisure, monteith, neither, obeisance, seize, seizin, sheikh*, teiid /ɪər/ NEAR madeira, weir, weird. (This sound may also be spelled ier, as in pierce.)

With the "long a" vowel

There are many words where ei, not preceded by c, represents the vowel of FACE (/eɪ/). There are a few where eir, not preceded by c, represents the vowel of SQUARE (/ɛər/). These groups of words are exceptions only to the basic form of the rhyme; they are excluded from both of the common restricted forms.

/eɪ/ FACE

With eigh spelling: eight, freight, heigh-ho*, inveigh, neigh, neighbo(u)r, sleigh, weigh
Others: abseil, beige, capoeira,[36] cleidoic, deign, dreidel, feign, feint, geisha, glei, greige, greisen, heinous*, inveigle*, nonpareil*, obeisance*, peignoir*, reign, rein, seiche, seidel, seine, sheikh*, skein, surveillance, veil, vein. (While Carney says this sound is never spelled ie,[37] the last vowel in lingerie* is often the FACE vowel.).

/ɛər/ SQUARE heir, their. (This sound is never spelled ier)

With other sounds

These are exceptions to the basic and "long a" versions of the rhyme, but not to the "long e" version. This is a dynamic list and may never be able to satisfy particular standards for completeness. You can help by expanding it with reliably sourced entries.

/aɪ/ PRICE eider, either, einsteinium, feisty, gneiss, heigh-ho, height, heist, kaleidoscope, leitmotiv, neither, Rottweiler, seismic, sleight, stein, zeitgeist. (This sound may also be spelled ie, but only at the end of a morpheme as in die, pies, cried.[38]) /ɨ/ (see weak-vowel merger) counterfeit, foreign, forfeit, reveille, sovereign, surfeit /ɛ/ DRESS heifer, leisure, nonpareil, peignoir. (This sound is spelled ie in the word friend.) /æ/ TRAP reveille /ɜ/ NURSE O'Beirne e and i in separate segments (and often separate syllables or morphemes)

Prefixes de- or re- before words starting with i (deindustrialize, reignite, etc.)
Inflection -ing of those verbs with roots ending in -e which do not drop the e (being, seeing, swingeing, etc.)
Others: albeit, atheism, deify, deity, herein, nuclei, onomatopoeia

Also nobody ever learns the second half:

" Or when sounded as "a," As in neighbour and weigh."


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The silencer on the rifle on the left side. These things require a tax stamp and waiting a half a year. A familiarity with the gun culture would probably put a shop owner at better ease to deal you a transfer of such an item. And since when are ANTFAs known for patience? RUBBA GUNNNNNNN!!!


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This was my first question to all the rifles. Is he a COD cosplayer? A suppressor for an AR? That ain't California, for sure?


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I was actually surprised by the trigger discipline of these guys, honestly something I would not have expected.


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They were probably told by the one person who knows about trigger discipline, keep your finger off the trigger or get shot.


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That's unfortunate.


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Yes but it also took 20 min to stage the photo and they still messed up with their gear.


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