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People are so obsessed with penguins. Every nature show you watch nowadays is all about penguins, penguins, penguins. They find some way to show a penguin scene in every Planet Earth special, even the desert ones.

I don't see what's so interesting. It's cool when they swim I guess, but they never show that. Mainly they just waddle around and sit on eggs.

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I genuinely love how you feel so strongly about this.

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He sick of the shit okay man!!! Sick of it.

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Not impressed with these tedious and very overrated penguins. They're just filler in every nature show now. Sad!

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Fucking penguins. Can't even fly! What the fucking hell kind of bird can't fly? Stupid tuxedo wearing faggots, think they are classy or some shit NOBODY IS FOOLED YOU EAT YOUR MOM'S PUKE!

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I think it's the monogamy so they can push the feminist narrative. Penguins are part of the conspiracy bro!

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Hm, I feel like feminism advocates for riding the cock carousel more than for monogamy.

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Nat Geo is only interested in trans penguins now. Regular females need not apply.

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"Why can't these fucking hipsters just leave us alone?"

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With nat geos tranny shit this is mildly amusing as penguin gender is somewhat hard to determine I've heard. Is this 5D chess humor or are my sources shit?

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That was depressing for a moment. Then I reminded myself that those penguins don't give a fuck about that shit and that I was being a fuckboi.