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The perfect alibi.

"You see son, momma was dressed up as a river gator, and that's why you're retarded."

"I understand, pa. I'd have done the same thing."

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"Now you and old yeller come out back so I can fill you both full of buckshot."

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For real, "accidentally" "pregnant" "sister" and "Alabama" have never been used in a sentence before.

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Not with "furry" it hadn't.

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This just can't be real.

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I mean, it's Alabama. Which is the Alabama of the United States.

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Alabama is the Mississippi of the south but Mississippi is the Mississippi of the whole US

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After a quick google search I don't think it is. It's hilarious, but fictitious.

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Use the embarrassment filter: Furries Pregnancy Alabama, Incest.

Scored a 4. Anything over 2 is suspicious, over 5 almost certainly fiction.

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Oh my god this story gets so much better....

According to Delilah, she confided in her brother Jerry a couple months later that she was pregnant. When Jerry asked what happened, she began to describe this Furry party she went to. “I told him I went to a gatherin’ dressed up like a goat,” said Delilah. “I said I had ‘did it’ with a guy that night and he got me pregnant and it was the best I ever had. That’s when Jerry and I figured out that he was the father. But I can’t get that good lovin’ out of my mind, so we are stayin’ together to raise this baby. She has 10 fingers and 10 toes so there ain’t nothing wrong with us staying together.”

picture of the happy couple

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sigh If this article were only true.

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... I want to believe

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Hahaha, that picture!

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Of all the people who don't need to produce an incest baby, they are at the top of the list.

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Hey look, it's Mac and Me all grown up.

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They were different species of furry so they didn't think pulling out was necessary.

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Welcome to Alabama, where a major concern is trying to figure out if when a married couple gets divorced they’re still brother and sister.

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Ladies love Alabama! No pesky "changing your last name" after you done already spent twelve years learning the original one.

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I trolled my husband so hard with this. I pulled this up on his phone and then left for work. He didn't realize it was just a meme and kept clicking the headline trying to get to the article. Ha.....*sigh. Good times good times....

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You go girl!

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Why wasn't comrade @SeanBox invited !!! He could have flim3d for research

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Well...I can't say it any better than you did.

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