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Oh great another shitty "alternative". Now I have to use VPN to access voat but have to turn off VPN to access these links because they won't work with it on. Fucking retarded.

And all because of ageists that got voat banned in Russia over a fucking ASCII art of a girl. Yet there are people who would unironically support this censorshit.


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You... ta' fuck are you babbling on, about? imgoat is an image host. Voat never allowed image uploads, we've always used third-party hosts to put images up. I'll personally use anything but imgur. Have you seen the shit-show that site has become? Wouldn't expect much from a bunch of fat-asses. Even their dog is fat.

Also, if your VPN doesn't work with a URL that isn't voat, holy fuck change providers. I've never heard of that being a problem... like, ever. And I've used a shit-ton of different VPNs in my day. This seems like more of a "you problem", comrade. Should probably take care of that.


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I really don't care what "shit-show" a site became so long as it does it job without me having to tinker with it and without suddenly going offline and taking all of my images with. Like it happened many times already with the "alternatives". So thanks, but no thanks.