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Black mothers have a lot to answer for.

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Black culture has a lot to answer for. So does Islam and Zionism. Luckily we may be at a point to make them answer some pointed questions and receive uncomfortable answers.

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Nope. Blacks take no responsibility for anything, LBJ caused that over 50 years.

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Excuse me?!?! I donts gots to answa foe nuffin!!!! I likes dat name!!!!

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Too bad they aren't picking up. : )

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With a name like that, I can see why he was eventually driven to commit murder. I doubt this kid has been taken seriously for five minutes in his whole life. Even by nigname standards, calling your kid Le'Genius is stupid as fuck. I bet he was made fun of at every chance by friends, family and schoolmates. He probably heard someone say his name sarcastically for the millionth time and snapped.

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There are some studies that show that people with normal, completely ordinary names tend to succeed in life considerably more than those with fucked-up names. If that's the case, it's no fucking wonder black crime is epically higher than any other race. I mean, there's other factors as well— don't get me wrong. But you're not exactly lowering the handicap by calling your kid fucking Le'Genius.

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at one point niggers used to name themselves properly, but they decided employment was too much, and came out with the most africanized names possible.

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Niggers come up with the dumbest names. A co-worker of mine used to work in the maternity ward of a hospital. They had a black mother (single of course) close to giving birth to twins. The staff were asking her if she had any names in mind and she didn't. She was browsing a Penny's catalog while waiting. The names she finally decided on? Pajamas (pronounced Pajamus) and Nghtgwn (pronounced Nitgin). It's nightgown without the vowels.


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What in the NIGGER?

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imma call him genius! naw, fuck that. he'll be Italian....LE'Genius! now go get your little sister Fragiilee

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Its as if Kanye West was his father.... I wonder if he likes fish sticks.

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What a Le'Retard

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Fucking hell, what's wrong with James or Todd or Jon? Why do they come up with retarded fucking names for?

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Dem be slave names, white devil. Niggaz be naming deyselves like kangz nowdays, what up yo!

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If they had mainstream names it might result in their job applications being accepted and they couldn't pretend to be victims their entire lives.

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I swear if I didn't know better, I'd think they were being satirical with their names half the time. "Classi" is one of my favorites

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Ironically, "Classi" is his mother's name.

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Etiology of Ridiculous Black Names

LSU Tigers:

A’Trey-U Jones (I’m not kidding—it’s on the official roster!!—this is just nuts!)

Kwon Alexander

Tre’ Sullivan (perhaps the apostrophe is in place of a “y” or something)

Devante Meullion

Tabari Williams

Jerqwinick Sandolph (no one could make this one up!) [LA replies: someone did.]

Kavahra Holmes (this one either)

Barkevious Mingo (may be my all-time favorite—so I DID hear the announcers right!)

La’el Collins (I think from the planet Vulcan)

Jermauria Rasco (another one you can’t make up)

Tahj Jones

Kadron Boone

Travin Dural

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